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  1. Help me choose my midifighter!
  2. having some problems
  3. Midi fighter dimentions / serato
  4. Traktor Not reading after update
  5. Show off your midi fighter
  6. Multiplexing 8 analog inputs using a CD4051B
  7. Mapping LEDs in Traktor
  8. pulsating light problems
  9. 4 Bank Mode and Shift. How
  10. How to tell if you have the V1.2 firmware
  11. Please Help--Firmware Update
  12. happy midifighter?
  13. AKAI MPD18 as midi fighter
  14. Midi Fighter Livid Block Mapping
  15. DJTT Please have a sale on Midi Fighters.
  16. four banks mode question
  17. Super fader help
  18. just got my Midi fighter but there has been a mix up!
  19. (Beginner) Midi Fighter Question
  20. Little Problem to set up 2 Midifighters Assigment Table!
  21. MF Deckalized InstaFX Mapping
  22. Can't afford Stutter Edit ..?
  23. 2 Midi Fighter w/ External Mixer and Soundcard
  24. New firmware Midifighter-20110204
  25. How to remove PCB from midifighter
  26. Custom Upgrade Kits for exsisting midifighter owners?
  27. MF Deckalized Mapping Question?
  28. MF Instant Gratification Mapping V1.0 (S4 and other controllers)
  29. [poll] Idea for a new mapping - Give your support!
  30. "MF+S4 Buddy" Mapping Meets MF Instant Gratification
  31. Midifighter Help
  32. Use Midi-Fighter's mapping on padKontrol
  33. Big Midifighter problem
  34. Silicone case issues
  35. custom mapping issues
  36. Question about the new MF mapping:
  37. Sweeping filter & Beatmasher?
  38. SUPERCOMBO's! on the instant gratification mapping
  39. Anyone near Miami/Ft laud with MidiFighter
  40. 4 Banks Mode question?
  41. HELP! 2 midifighters with Hercules dj controller...
  42. Help Analog port
  43. Failed to find midifighter in bootloader mode
  44. Can one buy just the pcb?
  45. BPM pulsing LED mod issue
  46. Joystick Drop-in
  47. Midi Fighter wrong octave in ableton
  48. Instant Gratification Mapping for MIDI-Keyboard anyone?
  49. Midifighter Shipping and Tax (Germany)
  50. Midi Fighter and Xone DX
  51. Problem on midi fighter connection
  52. Quick MF Question?
  53. Midi Fighter Broken.
  54. Delay/ Freee turning offf audio?
  55. Midi fighter cases ?
  56. Midi-fighter and my Maschine
  57. MF instant grad. button 9 not working
  58. Numark Mixdeck+Midi Fighter=?
  59. Rotary Encoder on MF
  60. 4 Bank Cue Point Mapping?
  61. Midi Fighter S4 edition
  62. How Do I Get A Solid Red LED From My Midifighter
  63. using stuttter edit vst with in traktor using midifighter
  64. How do I switch the button tops on a midi fighter?
  65. Midi Fighter + Ableton Live ??????
  66. Midi Fighter InstaFX Van Go Edition
  67. Custom Midi-fighter parts
  68. Anyone arcade buttons smaller than the midi fighter?
  69. Picking up my midi-fighter tonight!!!
  70. VCI-100 and midifighter combo help
  71. Possible trigger for PCB Fail
  72. midi fighter deck a deck b
  73. possible midi fighter mod
  74. i want more, but i dont want to ruin my perfect midi fighter .....
  75. Issues with four banks mode - IG mapping kinda works
  76. Why no Green faceplate
  77. S4 + Midifighter, Pro's and Con's
  78. Got my Midi Fighter today BUT.....
  79. two-tone buttons?
  80. WhEY Midifighters have arrived
  81. Inst. Gratification Mapping not actually working properly
  82. Help! MidiFighter Glitching!
  83. How To Set Up The Midifighter Development Environment in Mac OS X
  84. MIDI Clock LED without any soldering
  85. Midi Fighter Paint
  86. Deckalized / Gratification Code
  87. My first midifighter hardware mod
  88. Numark ns7, ITCH, the bridge, ableton live + Midi fighter?
  89. Midi-fighter Production?
  90. Beginner: too stupid to play samples
  91. Midifighter Top-Left LED Problem (Win7 X64)
  92. Hawtin gets the 16 buttons of power.
  93. Midi Fighter Instant Gratification Contest
  94. Midi Fighter Bueprints
  95. Eans Custom Controller Question
  96. is my MF dead? :(
  97. Effect trails?!
  98. mapping q related to eans recent blog post
  99. Question about expanding the midi fighter
  100. Midi Fighter Button Socket
  101. Basic Midi fighter setup
  102. Is one Midi Fighter enough for two decks ?
  103. MPD 24 as Midi Fighter, not possible?!?!
  104. Keyboard -> 2 midi fighters (1 deckalized and 1 gratification mappings)
  105. Midifighter freezes after 2 minutes
  106. New Midi fighter not working
  107. Poll - what are your thoughts on a MidiFighter Wiki Mini-site
  108. How about a dedicated midi fighter iPad/iPhone app?
  109. just received my MF
  110. So tempted to get a midi-fighter
  111. instant gratification mapping SIMPLE ? pLEASE HELP
  112. Rtfm
  113. TP2 FX Problem
  114. Glitchy Lights?
  115. TP2 Deckalized Sample Deck MF Mapping
  116. Midi Fighter LED easter egg Mod. Quick question
  117. tp2 problem with midi fighter PLEASE HELP!
  118. Needing help with Alpha faders and buttons
  119. Couple Questions
  120. MF lights not working in TP2
  121. Sample Deck Mapping?
  122. Adding Rotary Encoder to Digital In Expansion
  123. best color config?
  124. Please HELP! 2 MIDI FIGHTER+ S4
  125. Anyone Else from the most recent batch get their MFs yet?
  126. Maschine Pad mapping?
  127. My New Wallpaper
  128. Thanks DJ Techtools
  129. 2 deck + Instant Grad Mapping?
  130. I wana rename midi fighter?
  131. I need the beat roll from the Instant Gratification mapping,
  132. Clear Matte...too bright?
  133. Any news about the custom midi fighters?
  134. Mapping Problem
  135. Is there a MF mapping ONLY for effects?
  136. Questions regarding LEDS and Screws
  137. OmG pROBLEM!
  138. Which Slider- & Rotary Pots for Expansion
  139. Connecting 2 midifighters into one usb port?
  140. How Many Midi-Fighters do you need!!!??
  141. TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2 with Midi Fighter
  142. LED nuisance
  143. Midi fighter led problem
  144. First Midi Fighter
  145. First install problems
  146. Midi fighter and s4?
  147. Help!!! MIXTRACK/MF
  148. Midi-Fighter to be used as drum pads in Logic/Any DAW. Possible?
  149. Numark Total Control + Midi Fighter for cue juggles?
  150. WOoHOo..... Just order my second Midifighter
  151. Latest Batch - Missing Connection
  152. LED Hardware Mod - Adding two LEDs
  153. Just got MIDI Fighter... Just need some help tweaking some things!
  154. MF Problem, One Button to Rule them All???
  155. Just got my MF and unable to enter menu mode
  156. can't get into menu mode
  157. play and sync buttons on S4 don't work after MF hookup
  158. Reverb Size Tweak
  159. Deckalized Mapping Question.
  160. Getting MF to send a midi msg when pressed and when released
  161. MF in Traktor Problemo
  162. 2 Midi Fighters won't work at the same time! :(
  163. How do i delete cue points?
  164. How many midifighters have been made?
  165. MF IG Mapping to control All Decks at once?
  166. Midi Fighter Help Needed!
  167. What are the little threaded metal tubes/where do I get some?
  168. MF Instant Gratification Mapping v1.0.3
  169. Midi Fighter and Traktor Problems!!!
  170. Midi Fighter and Traktor Problems!!!
  171. New MidiFighters
  172. instant gratification mapping help
  173. Midi Fighter problem
  174. How can the gratification mode work on all 4 decks at the same time?
  175. Deckalized Mapping and S4
  176. Just got my midi Fighter today and Im unsure....
  177. LED Feedback Options
  178. Midifighter Mk 1.3 works just few days
  179. Deckalized Midi Fighter Effects onto Sample Decks
  180. I NEED HELP: Step by step - how to install (for noobs)
  181. Tempo/Pitch Bend Controls on MF?
  182. Love my new midi-fighter but...
  183. Does the latest MF batch come with latest firmware?
  184. How to change the note off value ?
  185. Midi Fighter with only Potentiometers
  186. MF Noob; Input not indicated
  187. Delay instead of beatmasher
  188. something went wrong with creating the memory image
  189. MidiFighter Firmware Update Issues
  190. problem in terminal
  191. midifighter+traktor+win7=bad latency+muffled pop
  192. Why ?
  193. How do I alter Instant Gratification v1 LoFi to another effect using the same button?
  194. menu mode only 3 lights
  195. Connecting Midi Fighter to a Mixer
  196. Absolute Noob + Midi Fighter not working
  197. "Beat Destroyer" mapping help
  198. OLD RELEASE NOTE Midifighter Classic Firmware-20110511
  199. DDM 4000 and Traktor !!!
  200. Instant Gratification Stickey button bug
  201. MF / iPad
  202. Midifighter firmware prototype release: MIDI record/playback!!
  203. Does this mapping exist?
  204. Faceplate colour and LEDs
  205. Midifighter LED pulse mod question (is my board too old?)
  206. help with MF+ hurcules mp3 e2
  207. UK Midi Fighters - a couple of questions...
  208. Small Red Buttons
  209. Can 2 MF's 1 Deckalized, 1 Instant Gratification be used at the same time?
  210. Possible PCB issue. Boot mode not showing checkerboard.
  211. boot mode not working
  212. Midi Fighter LED arcade button Mod
  213. Midifighter CAD file for custom faceplate?
  214. Beat Masher and Cue Master?
  215. A suggestion/request to MD pro mapping team
  216. 1 MPF + Kontrol X1 vs 2 Midi Fighter Classics
  217. MF Mapping help for MAC w/ S4
  218. MF Deckalized+Instant Grat Mapping
  219. When will new MF pro's ship?
  220. MidiFighter DEAD!
  221. New Midi Fighter Pro Mappings
  222. Something is wrong after attempted firmware upgrade
  223. Big Thread of Midi Fighter How To's (Classic & Pro only)
  224. Midi Fighter Mappings
  225. New Midi Fighter Boards Blinking LED question
  226. No MIDI signal in Windows 7
  227. 1 Button Controlling 8 Lights?
  228. When will the second batch......
  229. Custom
  230. Button Malfunction
  231. wood side?
  232. DJTT customer service is GAWDAWFUL!! (resolved)
  233. Midifighter + Traktor Pro + Xone Dx
  234. Start a UK outlet for midifighters
  235. Midi fighter classic pcb
  236. Mdi Fighter Setup Help Please.
  237. How Should I Design my Midifighter?!
  238. Help With Set-Up
  239. cannot enter menu mode
  240. Arcade buttons not allighned to pcb
  241. DIY MF Brainstorm
  242. painting
  243. MFPRO's mappings and firmware
  244. Midi Fighter Pro ( Review )
  245. The Dreaded Jog Wheel Question
  246. 2 MIdi fighter pros I'n combo
  247. Midifighter Help Me Please, video
  248. Midi-Fighter Pro Firmware?
  249. no confirmation email
  250. MF Pro Cue Master Mapping (Traktor Pro)