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  1. MF Pro Beat Masher Mapping (Traktor Pro)
  2. Linear Slide Pots for Midifighter. [Question]
  3. Has anyone opened their MF Pro?
  4. MF Pro beat masher mapping on Traktor X1?
  5. Midi fighter Mapping for Virtual DJ Pro
  6. LEDs in the preset buttons of MFPros: question
  7. MF Pro Cue Master knob problem
  8. Weird Midi Fighter Problem !?!
  9. Change midifighter name?
  10. MidiFighter Mapping With DAW
  11. Help!! noobastic problems
  12. midi Fighter Windows 7 64 Bit Problems!
  13. Issue with the MF updater
  14. Midi Fighter Pro and Ableton?
  15. Known Djs with Midifighter
  16. Help Midi Fighter Update. PLEASE
  17. error with midi fighter
  18. Help: Midi Fighter
  19. Midi Fighter Update - Michael
  20. Midi Fighter 4 Banks - Can other FX be used???
  21. sampledeck's pew pew thingy
  22. How to male a Csutom Mapping for Midi Fighter??
  23. Midi Fighter Classic Mapping for Serato Scratch Live
  24. MF Pro Super Knob Mapping for Serato Scratch Live
  25. Help me midi fighter has 13 leds on and it wont work
  26. Any warnings/heads up on modding the Midifighter?
  27. Midi-Fighter Classic Juggler Mapping
  28. T2 Midi Fighter and X1 on 2 decks and 2 sample decks
  30. inst grat not working in traktor
  31. Instant gratification problem
  32. Tips on adding faders/knobs to Midi Fighter Classic?
  33. How much is import tax on MF Pro (UK)
  34. midifighter sending CC no note
  35. Midi Fighter Effects Volume??
  36. Should I Get A MidiFighter?
  37. NEW MAPPING: 4banks mode - Instant gratification + deckalized mapping
  38. MF Pro Cue Master with S4
  39. My Midifighter just arrived and guess what?!
  40. MF shows up In Midi Monitor and nowhere else :(
  41. Trying to Link my MFP and my MF
  42. Parts for custom MF
  43. Mfp + mf
  44. stepsequencer in ableton with midifighter?
  45. my findings and thoughts
  46. Far East Midi Muay Thai Fighter DIY Project
  47. Midi Fighter IG tsi Layout.
  48. Saving IG Mapping I've Changed
  49. Same Midi Fighter, Same Problems
  50. Midi fighter for dummies?
  51. Failed to find a Midi fighter in Bootloader mode... BULL
  52. Midi figher bottom row sends out same CC
  53. Midifighter broken - Contact info?
  54. No Mappings work for the midi fighter :S
  55. Midi Fighter Channel Assignment
  56. Midi-Fighter Problem.....PLEASE HELP!
  57. Figher only works on one channel?
  58. Will there be a MidiFighter Pro updater?
  59. What do you use ur MF for?
  60. Midi Fighter USB Error
  61. Midi Fighter or Midi Fighter Pro
  62. Certificate of Authenticity
  63. Big mf problem
  64. help me make my korg padkontrol act as a midifighter! please!!!
  65. can I not
  66. Controller Manager "Add in" Definitions
  67. Help with Ifighter setup
  68. HELP!! with IG mapping + cue
  69. want to convert MF to MFPRO with EXACT same midi notes
  70. Mods can you sticky MF Pro Mappings
  71. Is there a way to... (mapping inquiry)
  72. thanks MF, thanks for ummm nothing
  73. External components via 1/4" jack
  74. Custom Midifighter Problem
  75. Midi Fighter Midi Implementation
  76. MF + VCI 100 No signal after first track in each deck
  77. Midi Fighter Classic NOT WORKING
  78. PLease HELP ME!!!
  79. midifighter pro question
  80. What is Fourbank mode good for?
  81. Midi Fighter In Traktor Scratch???
  82. MF Mod , Help please
  83. I Love My Midifighter (Contribute!)
  84. MIDI Clock LED without any soldering - v20110511
  85. Hmm Painting it?
  86. Possible to change mappings on button press?
  87. Anyone have any tips on getting the rubber bumper of a mf?
  88. Sample Deck MF Mapping
  89. Best Midi Fighter Pro for ArmyOfMe Build Up
  90. Top half of midi-fighter not working
  91. Got my midifighter! Love it.
  92. VDJ 7 and Midifighter Classic
  93. my midi fighter pro
  94. [OT] Midifighter Kombat (cause I suck at Street Fighter)
  95. Need help with a custom mapping
  96. Mapping project, but...!
  97. Midifighter Classic and pro 2
  98. New guy trying to learn how to do some basic mapping stuff
  99. how do i import MF Pro TSI and mixer TSI without them overwriting each other?!
  100. is there an instant gratification mapping for the MF Pro?
  101. Accidentally Flashed Cue Master w/ MF Classic Firmware
  102. Unresponsive MidiFighter
  103. Midi Fighter Pro help please.
  105. How to Re-Flash Beatmasher firmware
  106. Allen & Heath Xone: DB4 mixer vs Xone: 4D
  107. MF Pro Beat Masher. 'secret' midi notes.
  108. Question about the midifighter pro
  109. NI Glitch ?
  110. My only Midi Fighter Gripe...
  111. MF Pro XX Fader
  112. What's YOUR current (or ideal) Midi Fighter setup?
  113. Ifighter quick rtpMidi question
  114. Midi Fighter Pro Know How
  115. opening MFpro - changing arcade buttons
  116. Use the New Midi Fighter Utility to flash your MidiFighter
  117. HELP!! Midi Fighter not working!
  118. change MF(pro) name ?!
  119. midi fighter bug plz help
  120. DJTT Faders and Knobs
  121. Buying a midi fighter from Europe
  122. sooon it will bee mine!!!
  123. Need some advice after the purchase of a second hand midi fighter
  124. Still waiting on that xx fader mapping
  125. Complete Newbie Instructions for Setting Up MidiFighter Classic + Instant Grat tsi
  126. Will instant gratification mapping eat up my current mapping?
  127. HOw to...[MF-Ableton Q]
  128. help with midifighter pro beat masher
  129. help with IG + cue mapping
  130. Midi Fighter Pro Help/Discussion
  131. Midi Fighter SPOTTED last night @ The Glitch Mob!!! (Boston, MA)
  132. Which MidiFighter Should I Get?
  133. MF Pro: Cue Master
  134. loading instant gratification onto midifighter pro
  135. Buying MF Classic vs. MF Pro
  136. Beat Masher not recognized by Traktor
  137. MF Pro - Straight out the Box QUESTIONS
  138. MF Pro + Ableton
  139. How can you drum sequence your MF like this one?
  140. need help midi fighter wont work
  141. Can someone please tell me how!
  142. Possible Midi Fighter multiplexing?
  143. External 4 banks
  144. WTB: maschine midi fighter deckalized mapping
  145. Midi fighter Japanese assembly instructions
  146. What mapping is in the how to video with Ean
  147. A refund!! (where to go?)
  148. controller manager reference
  149. Couple quick questions about my MFP
  150. Effects stay on after i switch decks problem - instant gratification
  151. Mapping for 2 decks with more effects suggestions?
  152. Midi-fighter midi signals
  153. MFpro - What to carry it in
  154. Midi fighter in zion i music video!!
  155. How Do I Change Wet/Dry-ness For Beatmasher on Instant Gratification
  156. Beatmasher Mapping
  157. midifighter upgrade
  159. Midifighter to TouchOSC
  160. Midifighter Pro: Cue master - Midi Notes
  161. Traktor doesn't recognize MF .tsi on import
  162. MF record button does not work
  163. Midi Fighter Pros...the issues.
  164. MFP mapping question
  165. problem with top 8 button
  166. Combining MIDI Fighter Pro mappings w/ Classic
  167. Help
  168. Midi fighter problems
  169. MF Pro Button Removal/Installation
  170. MF Pro: Cue Master - Blocks after a random time
  171. MF Pro mapping with Serato
  172. Just got my new midi-fighter
  173. Just Bought My Midi Fighter
  174. Fourbanks mode external is not working
  175. is there a MF mapping with the FX of the IG mapping but with cuepoints?
  176. mf pro and classic !
  177. MF Pro Super Knob Basic FX Control Mapping (Traktor)
  178. DIY Midi Fighter Build
  179. MIDI FIGHTER Banks switch alternative
  180. Midi fighter pro cue master problems
  181. MIDI Fighter Inquiry.
  182. Has The XX Fader Been Discontinued?
  183. Arcade Buttons
  184. Midi Fighter Pro Support Page
  185. >>Which MFP should I get?<<
  186. New clear coloured buttons for MFs
  187. Help
  188. MIDI Fighter Pro Beatmasher + Instant Gratification v1.0
  189. Mf led
  190. MF Pro BM in conjunction with Novation Twitch
  191. Beatmasher Buttons
  192. Mapping Question
  193. Four Banks Mode Question
  194. My Classic doesn't work..
  195. Can Cue Master be used as Beat Masher?
  196. Help!
  197. LED mapping to buttons for loop active/which length ..... help?
  198. midi fighter buyback?
  199. Wanted: MidiFighter Mapping Combining IG + Deck
  200. Midi Fighter and software issues
  201. LED pulse mod on my midi fighter (beat phase monitor?)
  202. Which Midi fighter pro should I choose for my style of mixing
  203. one of my MF Pro buttons stopped working
  204. two MF pro's
  205. What is the best midi fighter pro for left handed people?
  206. deck Focus
  207. My MF still hasn't been sent (RESOLVED 2011-09-12)
  208. Midi Fighter problem :( (RESOLVED 2011-09-12)
  209. Midi Fighter Classic Sillicon Cases
  210. Is there a all-in-one Midi-Fighter Pro mapping?
  211. Jog Wheel?
  212. MIDIFighter + MlrV (Monome) Ableton Live 8.2.2 Template v0.1
  213. Custom Midifighter problem (RESOLVED 2011-09-16)
  214. For anyone having trouble with the silicone case...
  215. Switches
  216. Controller Brain
  217. New Midi Fighter Utility 2.40 (updated 10/31/2013) READ ME IF YOU HAVE A 3D
  218. New MF Firmware 08 24 2011
  219. Cant get into bootloader mode...
  220. How To Make Regular Midi Fighter Into Pro Version?
  221. LED pushbutton switches
  222. Tension On midi Fighter Pro Fader
  223. Really weird problem with my Midifighter in External 4 Banks mode.
  224. MF or MF Pro
  225. MF noob question
  226. Beatmasher Efx for Cue Master Mapping v2.3
  227. Midifighter Noob
  228. Midi Fighter Utility Problem
  229. Controller housing
  230. midifighter problem
  231. Ordering a MidiFighter - What button colours to choose?
  232. Plug, yes. Play, not sure.
  233. Undo 4-Banks-Mode?
  234. Question about getting the IG mapping to (semi) work with other controllers
  235. MF @ an event/party/club?
  236. constructive criticism
  237. MF not recognized by computer. tried updated, nothing! can anyone help?
  238. My midi fighter is playing notes
  239. Can a Midi FIghter do this...?
  240. Turning off combos
  241. MF Pro BM mini signal notes guide
  242. MFpro Cuemaster 1st Fx preset button acts strange
  243. Rusty MF screws
  244. Midi Controller Set-up
  245. Going from Gratification to Deckalized
  246. MF Pro Help!
  247. Instant gratification...help?
  248. Midi Fighter + Denon DNMC6000 problems
  249. Single blue light of death?
  250. Serato SL4 Mappings for MF Classic