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  1. Midi Fighter Classic problems
  2. New Logo Paint Job
  3. Midi Fighter Help! How to use Echo!
  4. Help wi/ midi fighter pro fx bank buttons!
  5. Dual MFs in Win 7?
  6. Two MFP's with Traktor
  7. Help a MF Newb!
  8. Super combos
  9. Can't Use Mixer + Midifighter at the Same Time
  10. Should I buy a MIDI Fighter?
  11. MF Pro: Cue Master problem after frimware update
  12. Detailed Documentation for MF PRO FX banks?
  13. Midifighters are unstable [solved 2011-10-11]
  14. Customized Instant Grat Mapping
  15. please help setting up s2 and midi fighter with igm
  16. 2 MFC's or 1 MFP??
  17. MF Classic and S4 issue since OSX 10.7.2 upgrade
  18. Wanted: New cue master mapping for s4
  19. Instant Grat MF w/ Timecode/Tsp2?
  20. Cant load TSI file? Help please
  22. Midi fighter problem- will trade virtual cake for help :)
  23. can't get deckalized mapping to work
  24. Midifighter As a SYNTH!
  25. Midi Fighter no response issue (please help ASAP!)
  26. 3 midifighters at once?
  27. MidiFighter Pro for scratching.
  28. MF classic issue
  29. Random specific question about Midi FIghters and Turntables/CDJs
  30. Bizarre MF Classic (plus IG) issues with Traktor
  31. Midi fighter beginner!
  32. Problem with Cue Master Fader
  33. New to midi fighter and traktor - help me troubleshoot
  34. Lubing your Fighter
  35. Wouldn't it be cool if...
  36. MFC mappings
  37. what am i missing out on
  38. midi fighter is blocked!!!
  39. Instant Gratification working well on Deck A only... Help please !
  40. MF Help!
  41. Help with Windows 7 - having trouble installing MF + MFP (beatmasher)
  42. Help with Windows 7 - having trouble installing MF + MFP (beatmasher)
  43. Ableton Live Control Surface Mapping
  44. How to reach the bottom import button for effects on a netbook?
  45. Windows 7 MF Utility Quits
  46. Help me decide which MF Pro please.
  47. New Hardware: Is the MF pro for me?
  48. Question about pressing multiple buttons at once
  49. MFP configuration
  50. Looking into custom midifighter classic
  51. Midi fighter pro bag
  52. Original Custom MF Pro
  53. SuperCombos for MidiFighter Pro Beatmasher?
  54. Midi Fighter Combos
  55. Midi Fighter not working properly/Novice Help!?
  56. 2 MIDI Fighter Classics with Traktor 2. Please help!
  57. Mfpro calibration ?
  58. supernoob: how to connect mf pro+cdj 350+traktor pro 2
  59. MF Pro Beatmasher Mapping problem
  60. MF Pro Beatmasher Freezing Issue at Gigs
  61. Nuts! WTH am I missing?
  62. Midi fighter wont start
  63. midifighter HELP!!??
  64. Midi Fighter Hosed Up Traktor S4 Effects on Decks
  65. MFP beatmasher FX1 preset problem
  66. Which MF Pro is best to use with Traktor S4?
  67. im designing my own pros.
  68. Instant Gratification working only on Deck A
  69. Midi fighter OS X Lion Traktor pro duo 2
  70. Midi fighter electrical feedback...broken?
  71. Midi-Fighter Help
  72. becoming very aggravated with my cue master
  73. White mf-pro bbqwtfftwlolwut
  74. ig mapping for toucosc iphone
  75. Custom MF Questions.
  76. MIDI Fighter mapping ideas
  77. 1 MF Pro or 2 MF Classic
  78. Question about button color
  79. Serato Midi Fighter Mod (Read the Stickies, need a lil' help)
  80. Working on a VDJ Mapper for the midifighter
  81. Knobs and faders on the MFPro
  82. Quick question about Midi Fighter
  83. anyone know the SysEx i.d, vid or pid for the midifighter
  84. HELP: MF LED Channel CC/Note Assignments?
  85. Midifigther combos and Street Figther Samples?
  86. Highly liquid potentiometer matrix?
  87. MF Stuck after 4 corner procedure
  88. Midi Fighter Four Banks not working
  89. Midi fighter help
  90. can you buy a midi fighter in London, UK?
  91. Midifighter -> RS232 protocol
  92. iPhone > touchosc > rtpmidi > pure data extended > traktor (midifighter)
  93. Instant Gratification Switch Deck
  94. Traktor Scratch Duo + Instant Gratification Midi Fighter
  95. How do I set up Midi fighter with two turntables and traktor pro?
  96. Does The Midi Fighter Come With Traktor..?
  97. Midi fighter colors not there?
  98. MIDI Fighter Classic + traktor pro 2 + Pioneer DDJ-T1
  99. midi fighter top left light problem!
  100. MF Pro in Reason
  101. MF Echo Freeze Help
  102. Instant Gratification questions
  103. Midi Fighter Classic -Instant Gratification + X1
  104. VCI-100 Overlays
  105. Problem using timecode With turntables midi figher turns off of relitive mode
  106. HELP useless FX
  107. midifighter classic - static sound when using beatmasher buttons
  108. MIDI Fighter Classic - Midi notes chart
  109. Traktor Scratch Pro 2.1.2 with DDJ-T1 vs Midifighter 1.0.2 TSI
  110. Instructions for Midi-fighter Pro Beatmasher
  111. Adding super faders to a Midi Fighter Classic?
  112. Purpose of the digital pins on the Midi Fighter?
  113. instant gratification midifighter on the iPad
  114. midifighter classic vs. pro?
  115. MidiFighter Sample deck mappings?
  116. Midi fighters and virtual dj?
  117. Midifighter clone
  118. Midi Fighter Problems!!
  119. Disabling the Sync Command
  120. Midi Fighter Dubstep
  121. MF Classic limited in responses
  122. Newbie project
  123. Thinking of buying a midi fighter... but I have some questions.
  124. MF Classic Mod Help
  125. MF case questions
  126. Atari 7800 Casing - Midi Fighter Mod
  127. bottom row of MF classic all send the same midi signal, not working correctly
  128. Help with Midi Fighter?
  129. Midi-fighter explanation?
  130. Midi Fighter USB Cable name?
  131. Advice wanted on whether/which MF to get
  132. Midi Fighter not importing correctly
  133. Beatmasher pro- faulty fader?
  134. failed to release usb interface....
  135. Midi fighter LEDs
  136. Midi Fighter Beatmasher Pro/Traktor Duo 2
  137. midi fighter classic not being recognized
  138. USB interface and Handle Failure...Help?
  139. Midi fighter mods?
  140. Logic alone?
  141. Some questions
  142. MF Problem HELP !
  143. Some Buttons stopped working on my MF classic
  144. Midifighter Pro 4 Banks mode
  145. instant grat+deckalized mapping in Traktor 2
  146. Question
  147. Midi Fighter Help
  148. is the midi fighter pro 4 deck friendly?
  149. MF Pro Cue Master Questions
  150. VDJ deckalized Midifighter mapping
  151. MF Classic upgrade to MF Pro
  152. Midi Fighter Instant Grat. Question
  153. Sample mode Juggle mode etc. for Traktor???
  154. Midi Fighter 3D?
  155. Problem With mapping [S2+MF]
  156. Turn LED on at M3=2, off at all other values
  157. Grid mapping from VCI-400 on Midi fighter
  158. MF classic mod
  159. midi fighter pouched!
  160. Newest firmware?
  161. Could anyone help me for MF BeatMasher mapping!
  162. Question about configuring Midi-fighter (in shopping cart)
  163. Remapping Beat Masher deck focus action
  164. midifighter buttons
  165. Another set up problem....
  166. Help with the pulsing led mod?
  167. Midi Fighter in Ableton?
  168. New Midifighter IG Beatmasher Combo Mapping
  169. Midi fighter pro in mixx
  170. Midi ifighter for ipad kontrol s4
  171. Use Midi Fighter and S2 Effects
  172. Which mixer and sound card with 2 midi controllers?
  173. Novation Twitch - MINT - 340 usd
  174. Beat masher pro wrong effects
  175. MF PRO, using that cute lil midi message that kicks in half way thru the rotary/fade
  176. Help! Two broken Midi-fighter classics
  177. midi fighters digital inputs and Ableton
  178. Midi Fighter Top
  179. Effects not triggering in mf classic
  180. Midi Fighter LED's wont stay on.
  181. Trigger effects in Ableton with Midi-fighter?
  182. midi fighter Pro cue master buttons not working
  183. Traktor S2 + X1+Midi fighter Pro Cue Master mapping needed
  184. Midi Fighter not responding
  185. MF LED MOD - but no MIDI clock on!??!
  186. midi fighter mod
  187. Midi Fighter mapping to Maschine Mikro controller
  188. Midi Fighter + Novation Twitch??
  189. juggling recorded slicer 8 count
  190. midifighter pro problem
  191. MFP questions for Ableton
  192. i need help with my midi fighter
  193. Using Midi Fighter + Ableton + Traktor
  194. Midi Fighter Upgrade and Problem.
  195. Midi Fighter not recognized
  196. Help with Midi fighter and ableton
  197. Buying a MF pro, but..
  198. Midi Fighter mapping for qwerty keyboard
  199. Combining midi maps?
  200. midifigher insta mapping to k2?
  201. Midi fighter error light top left
  202. Mfpro bm wont work help!
  203. Midi Fighter 3D Walkthrough with Ean Golden
  204. effects not loading
  205. DJTT MF3D TSP2 Mapping?
  206. Is the Midi Fighter 3D completely customizable?
  207. Just bought the 3d.. When does it ship?
  208. Midi Fighter 3D with VCI-400 EGE
  209. Best USB Hub ??
  210. Problem with my Midi-fighter Classic
  211. Looking 4 info DIY jogwheels
  212. Midi-fighter utility problem [FIXED: 2012/05/01]
  213. Need advisory Diy MIDI FIGHTER+CROSS FADE
  214. Help!!! .....
  215. Any ideas pls help
  216. Hands up who's got an MF3D?
  217. Import taxes on a midi fighter pro to the uk
  218. Where's the Midi fighter 3D mapping?
  219. Can the MF Instant Grat mapping and the DJTT S2 Mapping be used together?
  220. MF utility problem
  221. mf 3d not sending midi to traktor?
  222. MF3D with VCI-400 and traktor problem
  223. Midifighter 3D mappings for the Midifighter Pro: Cue Master
  224. MF3D CC#'s and MIDI channels, clarification of Abolute and Relative rotation
  225. Midifighter 3d Utility+OSX problem
  226. MF3D in stores ?
  227. Does the MidiFighter 3D turn off?
  228. Flashflooder's MF3D DeckGratMotion Traktor Mapping Walkthrough
  229. Midi fighter classic mapping
  230. MF Utility thinks that MF3D is Midi Fighter classic
  231. Beatmasher or cue master
  232. Metatroniks MF Pro Extended Mapping 1.0 (Beta)
  233. Looking into getting the Midi Fighter... tips?
  234. Over-excited and over-presumptious...
  235. Calling all Midifighter 3d owners! I need some help from you guys!
  236. Midi 3D setup problem
  237. 3D Not working in Traktor
  238. Midi-Fighter 3D Performance Videos
  239. Reccomended VSTs for Midi Fighter 3d?
  240. LF midi 3D tilt/rotate and filter mapping
  241. LF help with midi 3D
  242. Gets an XML file when i try to download mapping for MF 3D
  243. Error when i try to load Deckgrat for Midi Fight 3D [solved 2012-05-11]
  244. Serato MF3D Mapping?
  245. MF 3D can you combine left and right rotation?
  246. Easy Documentation for MF3D Mappings - PSD Template
  247. MidiFighter 3D button as crossfader issues
  248. Midi Fighter 3D Feature Requests
  249. MIDI FIghter 3D OSX Not recognizing device.
  250. midifighter no longer recognized after update to osx 10.7.3!!??