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  1. Viable Axis
  2. Deck B Not working with 3D
  3. Review + Demo Of The MF3D by DJ Cotts
  4. Midi Fighter Utility Won't Open (Windows)
  5. Looking for help with the midi fighter classic deckalized looping
  6. Midifighter Recalibraton
  7. MD3D Fx mapping attempt
  8. MidiFighter3D Utility doesnt launch on Windows 7 0xc000007b error
  9. MF3D combos
  10. Midi fighter classic question
  11. Midi Fighter 3D/VMS4/Virtual DJ 7 Pro questions. Please help.
  12. All Inclusive MidiFighter 3D Mapping
  13. MidiFighter Help: Super Faders and Layer/Bank Buttons
  14. Where is the MIDI Fighter (PRO) Firmware Source Code repository?
  15. remix decks?
  16. Updated traktor midi fighter not working
  17. MF 3D not recognized by MF utility...
  18. Instant Gratification & DJTT S2 together?
  19. Ean Golden MF3D Mapping
  20. MF3D Traktor Mapping Not Working
  21. Question about building a Midi Fighter
  22. MF Menu Mode issue
  23. MF3D Character Notes
  24. Midi Fighter pro custom mapping help!
  25. The MidiFighter 3D works with FL Studio
  26. MF Classic Traktor receives midi signal and does not activate any of the effects HELP
  27. MifiFighter Classic combined mapping ?
  28. Prevent MF3D from sleeping?
  29. MF3D left/right motion preset question
  30. Mapping noob.
  31. MF3D and Reason 6
  32. how to change out the buttons on my midi fighter pro ?
  33. $30 MF3D review
  34. DeckGratMotion. just a little issue!
  35. Newly Midi Fighter 3D Hipster
  36. Midi Fighter and s2 mappings?/ suggestions.
  37. MF3D - What do you use the side buttons for?
  38. Cue Master: Pro working mappings with Traktor 2.5
  39. MF3D cue point mapping
  40. Midifighter Crash?
  41. Some Problems with MidifighterPro Cuemaster
  42. Can't get MF to work AT ALL in traktor 2.5
  43. midi fighter classic will no longer "combo"
  44. Midi-Fighter 3D and Serato
  45. Scripting/Programming for the MF3D
  46. Making my own MIDIFighter Pro
  47. Help mapping Mf3d for ableton
  48. Midi Fighter Classic is not Dead!!!
  49. Horizontal rotation no feedback?
  50. MIDI Fighter Pro Simulator
  51. How do you get leds to work with Traktor pro 2.5?
  52. MF Pro Ableton APC/Launchpad style Script (Mapping)
  53. Is my MF3D's gyro broken?
  54. Cannot get MF3D to work with Traktor S2
  55. Mad Zach's MF3D map
  56. Ableton Channel Setup Simplified sorta
  57. Midi Fighter Pro custom case.......?
  58. MFC works okayl on Deck A, not deck B
  59. Not a great digital DJ yet, want a MIDI fighter, Have Numark V7
  60. Should I even bother?
  61. Midi Fighter 3D Remix Deck Firmware BETA
  62. Midi Fighter in Reason
  63. Midi Fighter Pro Limited Edition
  64. Effects Mapping changes during set-vci 400ege & midifighter 3d
  65. Considering purchasing a MF Pro: 2 questions
  66. Thoughts about Midifighter...
  67. Midi fighter note question
  68. Problems with adding the Classic Midi-Fighter map
  69. MF Pro with multi-colored led and utility?
  70. Instant Gratification + Hot Cue Mapping?
  71. MF3D Mods?
  72. MF3D spotted in Colbert Report by Nas's band
  73. Wanna buy a Midi Fighter Pro, which layout?
  74. Your favorite MF Pro Cue Master mappings
  75. How can i make my own Mappings?!
  76. MF3D for the non-DJ
  77. MF with NS7
  78. Midi Fighter Pro-Style Potentiometers
  79. cannot get the NI X-1 and my Midi fighter pro to work together.
  80. Faders shipped upside down
  81. Is there somewhere I can see a Manual or Midi chart for my MFP
  82. Can I use midifighter classic mapping on a MF Pro Cue Master?
  83. Midi Fighter Classic Mods
  84. Supercombos?
  85. Midi Fighter Ltd Edition
  86. Midifighter Classic Bricked?
  87. Having trouble downloading MF3D tsi files
  88. Anyone come up with a Script for MF3d ableton?
  89. Beat Masher Pro and Traktor 2.5 issues?
  90. MF Pro take apart
  91. Mf3d and traktor x1
  92. Problems with new Firmware-Update MF Classic
  93. one shot sample mode : remix deck mapping for MF3D
  94. Arcade Buttons - Normally Open or Closed Switch?
  95. Midi fighter utility - file>import not working
  96. BM Pro & Kontrol s4 using ver. 2.1.3 deck specific wont let me switch
  97. MIDI Fighter 3D w/ HID Rotation Issue
  98. Kontrol S4 MFPro - How do I know which track I am controlling?
  99. Midi Fighter Pro Beatmasher
  100. Theoretically a Midifighter could fit in this ..
  101. midi fighter pro effects
  102. Using the Midi Fighter Classic as an MPC
  103. You can’t open the application “mf_utility.app” because it’s not supported
  104. Jam on it mapping - stopping samples
  105. MF3D Not Working - defective units?
  106. Midi Fighter 3D fails to switch on
  107. jam on it mapping problems..
  108. MF Pro Question
  109. Turn a MF Classic to a MF Pro
  110. Updating MIDIFighter Classic using new utility fails
  111. Midi fighter 3d no response at all, HELP
  112. Midi fighter not detected
  113. Failed Firmware update for MF3D now not detected by utility
  114. Customizing MIDI-messages from two MIDI Fighter 3D's?
  115. Can i use a midi fighter classic and two x1 , with a external mixer
  116. Jam On It LED Issue
  117. MF Pro. Clickable Knobs?
  118. Midi Fighter question...
  119. MF3D Launcher - Advanced Ableton Mapping (script)
  120. Creativity!
  121. midi fighter 3d jam on it mapping conflict with fader fx vci 400ege
  122. HELP!!! new to the MF
  123. Remix Decks with midi fighter 3d troubles
  124. Midifighter arcade buttons
  125. midi fighter 3d or midi fighter pro?
  126. Upgrade-path? [classic -> pro]
  127. S4, F1, Midi Fighter Pro USB 2.0 Question
  128. MF3D and vibration
  129. new wild mapping based on Ean's Jam on it check it out, it's power
  130. Midifighter not going into bootloader mode
  131. midi fighter pro button replacement
  132. MidiFighter and Traktor
  133. Midi figter in official italian hip hop video "Spaghetti funk is Dead"
  134. mapping the super combo note in ableton?
  135. MF Classic Instant Grat Mapping - Gater is now a Flanger
  136. MF3D led malfunctions? video included*
  137. Run MFUpdate without web access?
  138. need help editing MF3D Launcher mapping please please
  139. Midi Fighter Classic to run remix decks (Mapping request)
  140. MIDI Fighter Pro BeatMasher as Single Controller?
  141. Midifighter Pro Cuemaster appears as MF Classic in MF Utility
  142. MidiFighter Classic cant install driver win8 x64
  144. Different colours for the "side-buttons" (Midifighter 3D)?
  145. Midi fighter classic modified
  146. MIDI Fighter Classic - Hardware Issue
  147. MF Pro Cue Master & APC40 Issues.
  148. MIDI Fighter Fingerdrumming Fruityloops?
  149. Serato DJ Midi Mappable!!! :D ETA?
  150. 3D MF & Remix Decks HELP
  151. problem with MF3D effects
  152. Xtreme Mapping tool with Midi Fighter Pro Beatmasher
  153. Midi Fighter Classic: Change Midi Notes
  154. help getting teensy ++ interfacing with ableton live
  155. Midi Fighter / Midi Fighter 3D Super Combos - A Definitive List
  156. Am i Missing Something 3D not detected
  157. Midi Fighter 3D Firmware Update stuck at 40%
  158. midi fighter ean golden remix deck
  159. please help
  160. MF3D and Traktor S4 Pro version
  161. I need some help setting up my midi fighter 3D
  162. Midi Fighter Utility doesn't save settings.
  163. Looking for a type of mapping for MF Classic.
  164. Weird noise when pressing buttons. MF3D
  165. MF3D Error_can't update firmware (Log Included)
  166. MF pro cue master not responding..... again
  167. MFClassic on A+D?
  168. Create Your Own Midifighter Ableton Script App
  169. Interference with Kontrol?
  170. Do the MF and MFP work with Traktor Pro 2.6?
  171. finger drumming with traktor ???
  172. MF classic Instant Grat
  173. Problem with the "Jam-on-it" mapping and Traktor 2.6.0
  174. Killing off the classics!?
  175. Issue with MF3D "jam on it" mapping and v2.5
  176. ableton help needed
  177. ipad, ableton & mf classic
  178. Should I Get A Midi Fighter?
  179. whats the deal with this site?
  180. Midifighter Classic for SSL problem
  181. MF Utility problems
  182. Midifighter 3D flash went wrong, only top right LED is flashing - need help ASAP
  183. MF3D Color Clip Launcher - Ableton Mapping [Work in progress]
  184. Midi Fighter Classic being discountinued???
  185. Understanding Midi Fighter
  186. TSP 2.6 and deckalized + instant grat midifighters - something different going on?
  187. MF Classic Project
  188. MF utility not detecting MIDI FIGHTER CLASSIC
  189. Midi fighter 3D as effects unit
  190. CDJ 2000 and Midi Fighter 3d Help
  191. Midi fighter and traktor 2.6
  192. Mappings for the NEW Midi Fighter
  193. Broken classic?
  194. Considering buying a MF Pro, but concerned about lack of mapping updates.
  195. Any news on the the new midi fighter?!?!?!
  196. Any support on the old midi fighters?
  197. Cant get into MF3D Menu mode. Want to setup 4banks
  198. Midi fighter + Cdjs
  199. Flashing buttons 9,10,13, and 14 when opening traktor
  200. Trouble mapping MF3D LED Colors
  201. help with MF3D utility issues
  202. 3D: only a few commands from mapping are working
  203. switching between midi fighter mappings during set
  204. Midi fighter sync problems
  205. MF3D 1/4 second lag/delay in ableton
  206. maschine mikro, novation launchpad, midi fighter 3D or midi fighter pro
  207. MFP ableton map.
  208. MF Utility How to?
  209. Flashflooders MF3D DeckGratMotion Mapping
  210. PETITION for WINDOWS 8 Support for MF Utility
  211. Using two MF3Ds with traktor
  212. I Need Some MF3D/Traktor Mapping Help
  213. Midifighter
  214. Need help with midi fighter 3D :(
  215. Can the MidiFighter 3D be used like a MF Classic?
  216. MF3D + Traktor S4 issue
  217. MF utility won't put remix deck firmware - Update process stops at 40%
  218. Problem with Instant Gratification
  219. Midi-fighter classic covers?
  220. MF Utility thinks my 3d is a classic?
  221. I think my Midi fighter is dead
  222. mf3d updated on OSX for use on windows?
  223. MF 3D : Beep when using the hotcue on a track deck while playing in remix deck.
  224. midifighter and garageband
  225. Mf3d midi notes needed :)
  226. problem with my midi fighter.
  227. MIDI Fighter Spectra
  228. Midifighter F1 Mapping 4 deck
  229. MF3D and USB Hub Problems.
  230. Help MF3D
  231. MF3d Instant grat mapping not working correctly?
  232. Midi fighter 3d restock?
  233. What Color combination would you prefere for your MF Spectra
  234. MF Spectra + secondary remix deck controller question... will it work?
  235. Midifighter Spectra - Expansion mods like the Classics?
  236. MF Utility share settings
  237. No word on future Serato support?
  238. How much will the shipping be AFTER the first 7days?
  239. Suggestions/Questions/ About the new Spectra !
  240. X1 and 3D midi fighter
  241. Mixtrack and MF3D
  242. Midi Fighter Buttons !
  243. new top sheets for mf3d?
  244. questions for Spectra users/makers
  245. MIDI Fighter cases: What would you guys like to see?
  246. Problems with Firmware update
  247. How would I go about doing this on a midi fighter 3D in ableton live 8
  248. MF3D ''for emergencies'' mapping
  249. List Spectra's LED Color min/max values
  250. Whats up with the Spectra?