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  1. MF 3D - Mad Zach's Ableton Template : Problem with Tilt Fonction on FX.
  2. Midi Fighter Spectra driver problem
  3. Does anyone have the free mappings they can share?
  4. MF3D Remix Decks Help
  5. Spectra Owners: Please Read (Bug)
  6. MF Classic MAD ZACH Ableton Rack usage
  7. Midi Fighter Pro Question
  8. Midi Fighter Button Change!
  9. Help choosing MF3D
  10. MF Sprectra, SWEET! MF Pro update?
  11. MF3D Mapping Issue
  12. Wood Cover for Spectra
  13. New Midi Fighter Spectra
  14. Midi Fighters and Traktor 2.6 effects problem.
  15. Midi fighter pro
  16. Connecting Midi Fighter Spectra to Ableton
  17. MF3D + Ableton Master Tempo
  18. MF Spectra -> Six Side-Buttons
  19. How to change to windows remix deck firmware from a mac?
  20. Disable Motion on MidiFighter 3D
  21. Just received Spectra, it's not working
  22. MF Utility wont open Mac OS X
  23. MF Spectra and Reason ???
  24. MF3D Help Please!!!
  25. remix deck control with mf3d help
  26. mf utility will not open mac osx 10.6.8
  27. MidiFighter Pro Buttons
  28. Just got MIDI Fighter... not sure what to do with it. Beginner alert.
  29. traktor fx wont turn off
  30. Midi Fighter USB Hub Compatible?
  31. When will the midi fighter pro beat masher be back in stock?
  32. Utility 2.3 Failed to find MidiFighter in bootloader mode
  33. Spectra Remix Deck Control!
  34. Traktor 2.6 & Midi Fighter Instant Gratification NOT WORKINg Now after Upgrade
  35. MF3D VU meter mapping
  36. Momentary mode is not working
  37. Updating MidiFighter 3D Firmware - Solution to update failed status
  38. MF3D no longer recognised by utility
  39. Ableton Drum Rack LED Feedback with Spectra?
  40. Do I have to map t Midi Fighter Spectra to be able to use Traktor Pro 2's Remix Decks
  41. a few little MF3D issue fixes i discovered
  42. Traktor 1.2.7 and midi fighter classic
  43. Spectra LED "problem"
  44. Spectra Issues (7 Blue Leds Solid) after trying to load firmware
  45. Serato DJ & Midi Fighter
  46. MF Spectra: LED programing for "Gate" and "Ground Lighting"
  47. Midi Fighter Pro FX presets not working
  48. My Favorite MidiFighter Pro Mapping
  49. Spectra - Jam-Meister 3Kę Project (Tekki & Jester)
  50. Midifighter Programing question
  51. Spectra - Changing banks causing feedback
  52. Spectra DeckGrat Editing Question
  53. Help setting up the midi fighter 3D
  54. Problems with mapping MF spectra
  55. How do make MF3D button a toggle switch in Ableton mode?
  56. Midi Fighter Spectra--serato
  57. Any help for hooking up a mixer, beatmasher and F1 with custom mapping?
  58. Help with the MF 3D in Traktor
  59. MIDI Fighter 3D sometimes gets stuck on D
  60. Traktor remix decks problem
  61. MF 3D help!?
  62. Help! Midi Fighter classic control remix decks
  63. Help with My Broken MF Classic
  64. MF3D Initial Setup.. How to enable Tilt, and what do side buttons do?
  65. Program Change Messages from Midifighter
  66. Help needed getting midi fighter 3d up and running remix decks please
  67. Midifighter note map
  68. Midi Fighter Classic... Spare Parts?
  69. MIDIfighter Spectra will not work in ableton.
  70. MF Utility Issues?
  71. Midi Fighter faulty / Error
  72. MidiFighter: 3D or Spectra?
  73. Help getting MF Spectra functional on Mac
  74. Midi fighter 3d scripts for ABLETON 9
  75. Midi Fighter / Denon MC2000
  76. Spectra mapping for Traktor 1
  77. Reloop Mixage and Midi FIghter Spectra
  78. Change MF3D Orientation?
  79. Copying Samples to Remix Decks with MF3D in Deck Mode?
  80. Traktor won't recognize midifighter classic on in-port and out-port
  81. Need some Midi Fighter help
  82. ABLETON Step by Step?
  83. FDrum Worth trying?
  84. Problems with my MF Spectra
  85. MIDI Fighter and the S2
  86. Popping noise when changing FX presets on MF Pro
  87. I cannot get my MFP into Momentary mode [Ableton]
  88. MF3D bank buttons send midi no matter what
  89. MF Spectra // Updating firmware resets all settings on each unit - really???
  90. A few questions regarding the MF Pro and how to get it up and running
  91. Can you use a midi fighter for more than just music?
  92. Custom MIDI Fighter 3D LED animations?
  93. Multiple Sounds
  94. Ean Golden's Midi Fighter Pro Mapping "Virtouso" for Cue Master
  95. Software required to use a Midi Fighter Spectra
  96. Midi fighter and a iPad
  97. Midi Fighter 3d Bank Buttons
  98. More Midi Fighter Uses
  99. MF3D Remix Deck LED related beginner problem, help required.
  100. (New!) The aMazing Spectra > The Biggest Midi Fighter mapping in the World
  101. Midi fighter 3d traktor help
  102. Midi fighter pro with MC3000?
  103. The Midifigter Modulate
  104. This Is Not The Next Midifighter - Official Thread
  105. Midi fighter 3D with mad zach soundpacks on Ableton Life 9 suite
  106. Why can't I get the remix deck to fire from Midi Fighter 3D
  107. Midi Fighter Spectra
  108. Assistance with mf3d with mad zach soundpacks and ableton live 9 suite
  109. MF3D, Traktor, and Mad Zach sound packs.... help please
  110. The Spectra > Instant Grats Isolate FX
  111. just a standalone instant grat mapping for the 3D?
  112. Looking for MF3D LED values.
  113. Midi Fighter 3D Help
  114. Midi fighter 3d traktor help
  115. Cannot get Alternate Firmware to flash on Spectra
  116. Gaming on a MIDI Fighter Spectra?
  117. midi fighter pro problem
  118. Midi Fighter 3D Motion Calibration
  119. midi fighter pro update? (Or more stock)
  120. How can use a scratch sample to crab with on my Spectra?
  121. multiple midifighter spectra issue HELP!!!
  122. Midi fighter customization in utility
  123. MF3D - some times the lights work, sometimes they don't
  124. Midi fighter spectra remix decks
  125. Xtreme Mapping [Mac] with a Midi Fighter 3D?
  126. Can I remove the MF3D feet?
  127. MF Spectra - 4 Deck Tool [TRAKTOR]
  128. TC vinyl avec latency
  129. Midi Fighter with NS7 and new Serato DJ software
  130. MIDIfighter Spectra - Double Deck Focus advanced mapping [TRAKTOR]
  131. midi fighter 3d traktor scratch help
  132. Traktor 2.6.1 Beatmasher Effect and Midi Fighter Classic Problems
  133. MF3D Firmware Files
  134. im new and i need help with my midi fighter spectra
  135. Is an internet connection needed to switch firmware on a spectra?
  136. Completely new to this please help!
  137. MIDI Fighter - Spectra & Sampling
  138. Mapping MF Spectra to Traktor.. Need help.
  139. Midi Fighter Utlity Files Locked?
  140. MIDI Fighter controlled lighting
  141. Tragic MF3D mishap.
  142. Whats a MIDI Fighter, and what is the point of it?
  143. Ableton Live 9 and MF3D
  144. Midi Fighter Spectra and OSX Problems
  145. How do I switch between remix decks?
  146. Midi Fighter 3D controlling both tracks with Deck A FX
  147. Midi Fighter Track Preparation Mapping + A Question RE: F1 Firmware
  148. Help Modding MF Classic
  149. All LEDs on, not recognized
  150. MF Spectra Ableton Help
  151. Adjusting the length of remix clips with MF3d mapping?
  152. Midi fighter spectra replaceable top?
  153. Midifighter(s) + microkontrol?
  154. Midi Fighter 3D dev troubles
  155. Problem Traktor Pro 2.5: Effects don't work on MF Classic because of Traktor F1
  156. 8x8 Midi fighter
  157. Midi fighter 3d issue
  158. MF3D Questions - HELP!
  159. MF keep plugged in? / pull the plug?
  160. Midi Fighter Spectra Issues
  161. mapping mf3d with more than 1X shift?
  162. LED out not working
  163. Super Combos..
  164. MF Spectra Most Used Mappings
  165. Midi Fighter Spectra Help Me Please
  166. Half a bad LED?
  167. Capture to Remix deck with HID
  168. Traktor 2.6.2 and Instant Grat mapping for Classic is broken..
  169. MIDIfighter Spectra Remix Deck C and D mapping
  170. Midi fighter 3D and Traktor
  171. DIY Midi Fighter - Software conflicts
  172. Midi Fighter Spectra as a keyboard?
  173. Having Problems with MIDI Fighter Spectra [HELP]
  174. Midi Fighter Spectra is not recognized
  175. Novice Mapper needs help!
  176. midi fighter spectra & 3D and iPad
  177. Does the Midi Fighter 3D work with Serato DJ?
  178. a shout to programmers Idea for firmware Mf3d/Spectra
  179. Cue Master Mapping problems with newest Traktor pro software on MF pro?
  180. Finally found a proper case/stand for my Midi Fighter :)
  181. Problems using multiple Midi fighters/ mapping remix deck
  182. Midifighter Pro - Update Idea
  183. Midifighter Spectra + Z2 + Instant Grat = Win?
  184. Newcomer help?
  185. How do I map....
  186. The TSI-Configuration is not supported by this version of Traktor
  187. I need help
  188. Instant Gratification mapping & additional effects
  189. midi fight utility wont open?
  190. Can't get the fighter working with ableton??
  191. Can I map the pulsing led set up in ableton?
  192. ATTN Stewe : Breakdown effects on Spectra Ninja
  193. iPad & Midi Fighter Tutorial
  194. Midi-fighter + techno music
  195. Can't update old MF pro
  196. Question: How to add LEDs to extra buttons on modded MF Classic?
  197. Sticky button on Midi Fighter 3D :(
  198. New Midi Fighter 3D user REALLY need HELP, please...!!!
  199. Midi Fighter Parts
  200. midi fighter x contest
  201. i need help because i have no idea what i'm doing D:
  202. Not sure if my MIDI Fighter 3D is working correctly
  203. MF Spectra Button-Color Mod
  204. MF3D Showing Up as Midi Fighter Classic in mf_utility?
  205. Help!
  206. Which mapping for MF3D and remix decks?
  207. MF Pro, Traktor, custom mapping issue with knobs and faders
  208. Custom Firmware? Or is it there another solution?
  209. Midi Fighter Spectra in Propellerhead's "Reason?"
  210. Remap buttons on MF3D
  211. Custom Firmware needed, or is there another solution?
  212. Software for midi fighter needed
  213. hardware compatibility issue and a question of realisticism
  214. fingerdruming...what midi looper do you use.
  215. MF3D button sticking
  216. MF Pro BM Glitches in Reason Production
  217. Robert Delong has one too
  218. Protective Case for MF Spectra
  219. Rattling inside MF3D case?
  220. Midi Fighter Spectra
  221. Idea for Midi Fighters
  222. The Midi Fighter Twister ideas thread
  223. MF Utility, STOPPED WORKING!
  224. Midi Fighter Finger Drumming
  225. Can I control 2 different softwares at the same time with 1 MF3D?
  226. Can I control effects while on Remix Deck HID mode?
  227. MIDI fighter or NI F1
  228. MF Spectra + Live (9.0.6): LED bug report + direct LED control question
  229. Looking for person who can do custom mapping for MF3D for Ableton 8
  230. Midi Fighter 3D Glitch
  231. Possible idea for Midi Fighter 'Touch' model.
  232. MIDI Fighter Classic ReMission mapping
  233. Midi Fighter 3D + Traktor Scratch 2.6 doesn't work
  234. Any Midi Mapping Midifighter 3D for SERATO DJ?
  235. Spectra Issues right out of the box
  236. MF3D instead of NI X1
  237. MF3D in Serato?
  238. Virtual DJ problems with Midi Fighter 3D
  239. Two MF spectras in Traktor
  240. Midifighter 3d not working with ableton need help
  241. Midifighter 3D in Traktor Mode and Ableton Mode L.E.D.S
  242. Midi Fighter Utility Issue
  243. Eans Jam On It mapping and Traktor 2.6
  244. MIDIfighter Pro... Vanished??
  245. DIY midifighter
  246. Do I need to install a driver to use my Spectra with Windows 7?
  247. First time MF3D - Mapping it from zero
  248. MF Utility won't recognized mt MF3D...
  249. Noob Q: MF3D sending pitch bend to Ableton..
  250. MidiFighter 3D & Traktor Start Up