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  1. Effects "Pop" on MF3D
  2. Button stuck on MF3D
  3. Two is better than one
  4. Midi Fighter Spectra Rookie
  5. Spectra + MF3d Clip launch LED issue
  6. Midi Fighter 3d automates random parameters in vsts
  7. TP2 and MF3d
  8. Midi Fighter Classic FX Mapping - Help
  9. emergency
  10. Will somebody please help me
  11. Midi Fighter overriding my CDJs
  12. Dj Mixer v3.4
  13. MFC + NanoKontrol2 + Ableton Live
  14. midi fighter, visuals VJing.......
  15. midi fighter 3d and headphones
  16. Midi Fighter 3D and headphone cueing
  17. First setup in digital djin
  18. MF 3D button digitally "sticking"
  19. Midi Fighter "Scratch" controller with touch-sensing surface?
  20. MF spectras randomly flash and reset in set
  21. VU meter mapping problem
  22. Animation with flashflooder's deckgratmotion mapping
  23. Need help with CCs on Midifighter Spectra
  24. Spectra with Logic Pro 9?
  25. No more midi fighter pro!?
  26. MPD "ABCD" bank style switching on Midi Fighter Spectra in Ableton Drum Rack
  27. ean golden jam on it mapping how to trigger effects and remix decks at the same time?
  28. Midi Fighter Traktor Mapping Help!
  29. Twister - Isolate
  30. Midi Fighter Lights
  31. No sparks in Midi Fighter Utility 2.60
  32. No effect in Midi Fighter Utility 2.60
  33. MidiFighter 3D and iPad Air
  34. Is there a way to edit CC values on the Midi fighter 3D
  35. Midi fighter 3d rebooting
  36. midifighter twister to sequence hardware synths?
  37. MIDI Fighter 3D stop working after button hammering
  38. The upcoming, super, innovating, beautiful, Twister!!!! forum structure idea.
  39. Twister suggestion / request
  40. 3D & Twister same height?
  41. my midifighter twister saddly it wobbles
  42. Twisted Issue - No Sound/Selecting cells
  43. Ean's Traktor Pack for twister
  44. MF Twister Case
  45. Midi Fighter Twister Unboxing
  46. DIY questions here
  47. MF Twister Midi Clock Sync Issue
  48. Twister Snap Shot
  49. Twister Crashes Traktor...
  50. MF3D Ableton Launcher help
  51. How are people liking the Twister?
  52. MIDI fighter and resolume avenue 4
  53. A few questions about the Twister.
  54. Midi fighter pro help
  55. Midi Fighter Twister and iPad
  56. MF Twister - Sequencer lights 1/6th fast.
  57. Is there a new Instant Gratification mapping for the MF Classic?
  58. Question about the Twister Sequencer
  59. Twister, buy with white or black knobs?
  60. Midifighter 3D wont connect to mavericks
  61. Twister Analog Sequencer
  62. Can the MF Twister take MIDI Out ?
  63. Twister & Kontrol F1 in the same time - Mapping problem
  64. Good the Twister potentially be an Arp?
  66. MF3D spotted on Japanese TV
  67. Midi Fighter and iPhone
  68. Midi Fighter Spectra lightshow?
  69. MF Spectras flashing and resetting during set
  70. Twister sequencer and Propellerhead Reason?
  71. MIDI Fighter Twister and Traktor
  72. Help i broke my Midi Fighter 3D
  73. Is the Twister the right controller to get?
  74. Spectra not installing properly
  75. Interested in a second MF Twister, but ...
  76. Midifighter Utility Settings vs Firmware?
  77. Fidifighter twister firmware update ?
  78. mapped Encoder switch received only on midi channel 1 the Message from the DAW ?
  79. possible to toggle between MF3D & Twister in Utility while both plugged in
  80. Help With Setting Up Mad Zach Soundpack
  81. MF Twister: Snapshot & step sequencer problem
  82. Twister: Switch between mappings
  83. FW Update 06-26
  84. Twister centre detent and resolution settings not sticking
  85. Midi Fighter Twister and iPhone
  86. Fighter Spectra Outputs
  87. Limited Edition Midi Fighter Spectra Unboxing
  88. 32 pad MF pro with midi controlled LEDs ?
  89. Idea for a TOUCH-sensor based Midi Fighter...
  90. How many MIDI banks available Twister?
  91. Popping/cracking when using Midi fighter twister
  92. MF3D with ipad. Is it possible?
  93. Mapping MF3D in HID Mode
  94. MF3D controlling LED color in Ableton Mode wrong from manual
  95. Got an email stating there was a Traktor Sequencer mapping update, but...
  96. MF Twister Step Sequencer MIDI values (advanced)
  97. Midi Twister questions
  98. Mf Twister firmwire update
  99. Instant Gratification - control all decks in Traktor?
  100. Ravishing IG Mapping
  101. Midi Fighter Twister Sequencer - Ableton
  102. Midi Fighter Twister - Sequencer skip Issue
  103. Twister - Pulsating Indicator Lights
  104. Midifighter 3D mapping for remix decks
  105. Can you downgrade the firmware on the MF Twister ?
  106. New firmware!!
  107. General MIDI Fighter Question
  108. Need help to update firmware 3D & Spectra
  109. Soooo... I got my Midi Fighter 3D. Having some problems.
  110. more sound packs?
  111. Traktor Sequencer v0.3.0 question...
  112. Failed to create an chip definition: error -1????
  113. LED parameter feedback only works for bank 1 (MIDI Fighter Twister)
  114. Can't download the new firmware
  115. MF Twister firmware update failed - unable to download firmware
  116. Buying Midi fighter in UK
  117. MF Twister Trouble Swapping Banks Using MIDI Messages
  118. Error With LED Ring Control MF Twister
  119. Are MF Twister encoders dented?
  120. Setting UP MF Twister
  121. MF Twister - 1st thoughts
  122. Swing feel with MF Twister sequencer? Sequencer manual?
  123. Deleting snapshots MF twister sequencer
  124. Pattern adjusting and sequencer mode not affecting certain remix sets...
  125. Twister: OFF Color Bug? Tested on Pure Data
  126. MF 3D utility and Maschine controller editor conflict
  127. Midi Fighter Jam using Classic, Pro, 3D and Spectra
  128. Where to buy a Midi FIghter Twister in Denver, CO ?
  129. Could Twister sequence sample slot instead of velocity?
  130. [Problem] Conflict between F1 and MF3D (Remix Deck Mode)
  131. How are people using their Twisters?
  132. Twister: How do I page down the remix set when selecting a sample?
  133. Midifighter Spectra Colors not loading to device
  134. Mapping FX to Motion with Midi Fighter 3D & iPad
  135. Midifighter Classic Dekalized mapping problems in Traktor 2.6.8
  136. Support: Twister traktor native remix deck support
  137. MidiFighter Twister - Encoder Indicator Light Color
  138. TWister: Please send os improvement these suggestion to support
  139. Setting the velocity value for out commands
  140. twister midi dongle
  141. MIDI out to Twister LED encoder ring?
  142. Midi Fighter Twister: Traktor shuts down in combinations with my K2
  143. 3D missing feature
  144. MF3D "Deck Buttons" aren't working anymore
  145. Midifighter 3d Utility Update
  146. mf3d with flashflooder's deckgrat motion need some help! please
  147. Can't get the MIDI FIGTHER 3d to play Remix Decks in Traktor /MAPPING
  148. remove the feet of MF3D?
  149. MF3D CC for color changes are wrong in pdf manual.
  150. Paper overlays for Twister or Midi Fighter 3D
  151. Traktor Freeze on Midifighter3D
  152. Midi Fighter Twister sequenzer channel auto-unmute issue
  153. Traktor stopped recognizing Spectra as F1 for remix deck control
  154. Midi fighter 3d in fl studio
  155. Midifighter utility 2.63 wont recognise MF 3D
  156. MIDI Fighter Twister - Duplicate Encoder on each bank.
  157. Tekken's Ultimate FX - Mapped for Midi Fighter 3D [Beta Testing Thread]
  158. Midi Fighter 3D not detected by Utility
  159. Midi fighter Twister 'reset encoder value' issue
  160. Midi Fighter Twister and Ableton Live (Time Clock and CC issue)
  161. Midi fighter utility settings import question
  162. Selecing Sounds on Midi Twister
  163. always show MF3d "screensaver"
  164. How to open the Midi Fighter 3D's box ?
  165. Midi out lighting MF Twister with Serato Dj
  166. MF3D doesn't work with traktor
  167. newb to midi fighter
  168. Midi fighter Twister > Ableton: sync LED feedback
  169. MidiFighter Classic (How to CHANGE base note)
  170. MF3D Goes Blank in HID Mode in Traktor
  171. MF3D Shift/LED Problem
  172. iPhone 6 plus
  173. Midifighter 3D in Maschine 2.2
  174. Twister Issue (2 mapping files?)
  175. MF Spectra FX^2 (FX SQUARED) MAPPING ECHO Complications
  176. Snapshot not working on Traktor Sequencer (midi twister) mapping
  177. mf3d can't cotrol remix decks
  178. mf3D note message HID to Midi mode
  179. Midifighter Twister doesn't respond to MIDI sync from Ableton Live
  180. Can't get sound from Twister. Following Midi Fighter Twister: Traktor Sequencer Setup
  181. Just got a used MF Sepctra
  182. stuck button on midi fighter 3d
  183. Some news for the mf3d ?
  184. Ways to use Midi fighter 3D in Logic Pro X?
  185. MF Combos in Ableton?
  186. Midifighter 3d with abelton and serato dj
  187. MIDI fighter twister sends MIDI note
  188. Mad Zach sound packs in Traktor
  189. MidiPipe - stable enough to use live
  190. Mad Zach sound pack + Midi Fighter with Traktor
  191. midi fighter twister issue
  192. MidiFighter Twister - Change Encoder Settings via MIDI
  193. Setup = MF3D + Twister + Orbit --> Issues
  194. Midi Fighter 3D on a Mac
  195. Using MF Twister with OpenFrameworks
  196. Fighter Twister: Receive secondary value with Shift Encoder Toggle
  197. Button Pressing Techniques?
  198. Use Midifighter Pro "Cue Master" with MixEmergency 3
  199. Midi fighter Twister sequencer off beat
  200. Midi Fighter Pro problem (?)
  201. Question about Midi Fighter 3D and USB powered hub with other devices
  202. Midi Fighter (Twister) Utility - Multiple Edit Midi Channel??
  203. Twister Feedback problem number 2
  204. Midi Fighter Shipping
  205. MF3D Side Buttons
  206. Midi Fighter 3D NOT working in FL Studio 11.1.0
  207. MIDIfighter is bugging out.
  208. Transport / Clip Launcher for Ableton?
  209. Jester's 808 & 909 Drum Machines For Traktor Remix Deck & Sequencer
  210. Rubber trim on outside of Twister coming off :(
  211. Can you upgrade MidiFighter Classic with LEDS?
  212. Connecting Multiple MF Twisters with FL Studio
  213. Please help me !!!!
  214. 4 Vengeance Drumkits for MIDI Fighter Twister
  215. Midi Fighter Twister 3Fh/41h encoder LED bug
  216. Midifighter twister encoders - stepped or not?
  217. Set Midi Fighter Twister knob positions using MIDI
  218. Midi Fighter Twister relative controller assignment in Logic workaround
  219. MIDI Fighter Twister Step Sequencer Options
  220. I want to get Midi Fighter Spectra to work with FL Studios Performance Mode .
  221. Midi Fighter in ableton in drum rack?
  222. Psytrance Drumkits For Remix Deck & Twister Sequencer Use
  223. Trance Percussion Kit For Remix Deck & Twister Sequencer
  224. Twister Pattern Question
  225. Multiple Twisters with Cubase
  226. MIDI Fighter Twister firmware source code
  227. MF3D Colour midi mapping?
  228. map single button to do multiple things
  229. Twister: disable LED segment color feedback for Shift Encoder Toggle | Ableton Live
  230. Midi Fighter Twister USB-Hub Problem
  231. Need help on SW&Midifighter .
  232. Need help adding MIDI Fighter Pro: Beatmasher to my Kontrol S4 effectively
  233. Ideas
  234. The MF3D Traktor 2.7 problem
  235. Midi fighter 3D Stems
  236. Midi Fighter 3D no response
  237. Twister Stems VU Meters --> buffer underrunes
  238. Random Idea for new MidiFighter XXL
  239. Midi Fighter Twister - knobs are dead in the center (detent)
  240. ableton device toggle
  241. Midi Fighter Twister with Linux / Raspberry PI anyone?
  242. Midi_Fighter_Twister_FX_Control.tsi ..... anyone?
  243. MIDI Fighter 3D as a Keyboard?
  244. Mad Zach Midi Fighter Twister Ableton Pack?
  245. Midi Fighter Twister / Midi Fighter 3D & Traktor DJ Ipad Mini
  246. Expanding original MIDI Fighter
  247. Lost remix deck control in update? Try this.
  248. My MIDI Fighter 3D has no response at all
  249. Twister Faulty Encoder
  250. Midi Fighter : TOP QUALITY