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  1. configuring a Twister via MIDI?
  2. Help!!! My Midi Fighter Classic does not work!
  3. Twister/Ableton - banks of knobs controlling different parameters for every song
  4. Reaper & Midi Fighter Twister
  5. El Capitan and the Midi Fighters
  6. Midi Fighter & Logic Pro - VERY grateful for advice
  7. Stewe's MF3D mapping for Remix Decks
  8. User guides for DJTT Twister mappings
  9. Midi Fighter Classic issue - Stuck in bootloader mode
  10. LED Value of Encoders
  11. MF Twister - Traktor MIDI clock BPM synced animations
  12. Midi Fighter classic not recognized
  13. Sound problem mf3d+2xf1+maschinemikromk2+s4mk2
  14. Bluetooth Midi Fighter?
  15. Is this a Midi Fighter Twister defect?
  16. Need help setting up MF 3D
  17. Midifighter 3D mapping for Serato DJ
  18. Does twister swing?
  19. MidiOutWinMM::openPort: error creating Windows MM MIDI output port.
  20. Twister Help - Resetting to sequencer mode?
  21. HELP! Twister/Ableton: Can't manage to switch banks via midi notes.
  22. MIDI Fighter Twister issue [VIDEO]
  23. Help With MIDI Fighter 3D (troubleshoot)
  24. Midifighter Pro and current/power draw
  25. Help! Recurring problem with MF Twister Traktor and Audio going all Matrix
  26. Midi Fighter 3D Help - Bottom two buttons not releasing
  27. Midifighter 3D change LED colors via Midipipe
  28. Which knobs used on twister
  29. MF Twister shift encoder position feedback?
  30. midifighter 3d bug+traktor
  31. Problems with Midi Fighter Twister and the Utility Software
  32. Midi Fighter Utility worked, reset to factory, now "wrong" firmware
  33. BUG: twister sends midi NOTE when configured as CC
  34. Twisted Grat Mapping Issue
  35. MF Twister indicator control while turning knob?
  36. Instant Gratification doesn't seem to work for me
  37. Midi Fighter Utitlity very buggy! HELP
  38. Twister in ableton to control Devices via insta map
  39. MF3D & Twister for FX's in Traktor?
  40. Midifighter 3d question
  41. Twisted Gratification & Traktor Sequencer Help......
  42. MIDIfighter Spectra Traktor LED mapping question
  43. Midi Fighter 3D Can not use HID toggle for Remix Decks
  44. Button on/off toggle issue
  45. Midifighter Twister - Firmware - No update since August 2014
  46. Msb/lsb
  47. Available colors for fighter/twister
  48. I don't know how to use my Midi Fighter 3D
  49. MIDI Fighter Twister - More than 4 pages / banks?
  50. Flakey connection problems -
  51. Midi Fighter 3D for MacOS shortcuts?
  52. Ean's Sequencer Drum Kit - files missing/corrupt?
  53. Midi Fighter Twister: Change Port of Step Sequencer
  54. Is it okay to leave on Midifighter LEDs 24/7?
  55. MIDI Fighter Twister - Custom CC / Note # for Side Keys?
  56. Multiple Glitches with the Midifighter Twister, including on startup...
  57. Midi Fighter Twister not showing up in Ableton
  58. MF3D - Traktor 2.10: Help with Effects Settings
  59. MF3D Jam-on-It Remix Decks on Traktor 2.10 | How to make it work?
  60. Question about the midi fighter twister and linux (ubuntu)
  61. Midi Fighter Twister not detected
  62. Twister shift encoder problem after the new update
  63. More than four banks?
  64. Midi Fighter Twister stuck in bootloader mode
  65. Feature Suggestion: Twister LFO KNOBS!!
  66. MainStage 2 & MIDI Fighter 3D
  67. Setting current encoder values via MIDI
  68. Midi Fighter Animations
  69. Push knob on twister to reset value to zero in effect rack
  70. hi,i have two di Fighter Twister,how can i use in live?
  71. DJTT Midi fighter 3D Mappings For Ableton Live
  72. Midi Fighter 3D - F1 Hotcue Mapping
  73. 5V/2.5A Powered Hub OK for Twister after firmware has been updated?
  74. Syncing Rotary Encoders with Logic
  75. Problem with two midifighter twister in live
  76. cleaning a midi fighter spectra.
  77. MIDI Fighter Twister: My reservations
  78. Midi Fighter Twister - Issue / Wrong Off LED Color with multiple banks
  79. MIDI Fighter Twister Pro
  80. MIDI Fighter 64 Mass Production?
  81. invert Midi Fighter 3d note/bank buttons so that usb plugs in on top?
  82. Midi fighter 3D glitching
  83. Midi Fighter Twster + Allen & Heath K2
  84. Twisted Gratification - New TSI with proposed changes for next update!
  85. Twister input no longer recognised by Traktor
  86. Help me to understand?
  87. Problems with Midi Fighter Twister after Firmware Update
  88. Basic MF3D Understanding.
  89. Sending encoder values to MF Twister?
  90. MidiFighter Twister - Pattern and Sound knobs not registering.
  91. mf twister : different CC # on shift hold / shift toggle
  92. Sound glitch with Instant Gratification mapping for Twister
  93. Very dumb question but...
  94. MFT Firmware problems - Sending color change "Shifts" encoder
  95. Midi Fighter Twister Case
  96. Using 2 MFTs - Need to send data to one of them
  97. Hacking the device name of one of two MFTs
  98. Doing mi first Twister mapping for Traktor, and have some basic questions
  99. Resolume Arena 5 Shift encoder - Midi Fighter Twister
  100. Help!!!
  101. Trouble with Midi Fighter Utility Update
  102. Midifighter on new Powerless show on NBC
  103. Mad Zach Vol 3 - Satin Charly INSTALL PROB
  104. Super Midi Fighter Simulator 64
  105. Trouble mapping MF Twister with iPad Synth
  106. mft over bluetooth
  107. Looking for older Midi Figter soundpacks
  108. Using Midifighter 3D as library search/loading/play etc
  109. Twister encoder for scrolling?
  110. Using Midi Twister to toggle track arm in Ableton?
  111. Midi Fighter Twister - High Resolutiom mode
  112. [BUG] On color not working after sending MIDI color change CC
  113. 30mm sanwa buttons same as 24mm buttons?
  114. Quick question regarding the Midi Fighter 3D
  115. Midi Fighter 3D Flashing Red Lights / Cannot Reset
  116. Newbie With an Issue
  117. MIDI Fighter button spacing
  118. Twister snapshot
  119. Disassemble MF3D?
  120. Down sizing a MF Twister?
  121. Midi Fighter Twister - 14 bit CC's
  122. Midi Fighter 3d Availability ?
  123. Midi Fighter Classic issue
  124. Midi Fighter Classic isn't recognized by utility - lights come on? Pls help
  125. Calling Ableton Twister Users - Please vote for Twister Script Development
  126. How to achieve this animation
  127. Twister analog-style melodic step sequencer?
  128. Midi fighter classic on windows 10 : device not recognized (after windows update)
  129. Twister superknob detend + reset encoder value
  130. MIDI fighter twister stem mapping
  131. midifighter custom light show
  132. Bitwig / Twister controller script (fine / coarse controls)
  133. Anybody know how to clean a midi fighter 64?
  134. questions about twister.
  135. Midi Fighter 64 Firmware History - Current: 24 Jul 2017
  136. Using Midi Fighter Twister with Cubase
  137. MIDI Fighter 3D Windows 10 detection loop
  138. New Midi Fighter 64 Velocity Colors!
  139. Twister : Next Bank
  140. midi fighter 3d - motion trigger on/off
  141. Session Mode for MF64?
  142. How to connect MF 3D to android device?
  143. Cue (One Shot) Mapping to Traktor Remix Decks
  144. First 4 led rings blinking after firmware update
  145. MF3D - How to change banks using side buttons?
  146. Midi Fighter Utility on Linux?
  147. Enabling Auto-on for Traktor filter
  148. MIDI Fighter Twister stops working after windows sleep
  149. How can I play my MIDI Fighter Mad Zach Soundpacks on my iPhone?
  150. Midifighter 3D & Rekordbox
  151. Changing Note Numbers on MIDI Fighter 3D - Possible?
  152. How much power Midi Fighter 3D needs?
  153. Default Remix Deck Mapping loop/off button inconsistent
  154. Old midi fighter pro... finally getting around to "fixing" it.
  155. Always have to reconnect MF Twister after every reboot
  156. Twister Midi Setup Prob with Traktor
  157. midi twister fighter sequencer
  158. Feature update request
  159. MF Pro Cue master Repair?
  160. Encoder MIDI Type bug
  161. Simple Task: How Do I Map My MIDI Fighter 3D?
  162. Torq mapping
  163. MF Twister Mapping Traktor Loop Issue
  164. MF Twister Traktor Mapping questions
  165. Twister Basic Questions
  166. Ableton + MIDIfighter 64, is there a way to highlight samples?
  167. Midifighter64 midi tables
  168. midi fighter 3D and mixemrgency problem
  169. MF Twister stiff knobs
  170. MF utility multiple knob set NOT working
  171. MIDIfighter Twister Utility v2.70 Detection Loop on macOS Sierra (10.12.6) on 2 MBPs
  172. MIDI Fighter Pro bank select buttons
  173. Midi fighter twister Invert encoder value
  174. Midifighter Twister: Change shift encoder hold channel?
  175. Switches
  176. Midi Fighter 3D issue with Traktor Pro Remix Deck
  177. Midi Fighter Twister : New user fighting with some issues
  178. Midi Twister firmware release notes?
  179. MFT Is there a way to have different brightness for On / Off
  180. MF Twister firmware upgrade issue
  181. new to MF twister: how to send other CC values than 0/127 on toggle?
  182. MF3D colors are upside down ?
  183. MF 3D & Twister occasionally get stuck constantly rebooting
  184. Question about Twister relative (3FH/41H) encoder mode firmware
  185. new owner - initial thoughts and questions
  186. Midi Fighter Twister + hardware MIDI?
  187. Midi Fighter Utlility 2.75 (Windows) stuck in detection loop
  188. Midi fighter twister sequencer mute and filter buttons not working on Traktor
  189. Midi Fighter Pro Support?
  190. Midi Fighter Twister not playing nice with Launchpad Pro
  191. Midi Fighter Fader?
  192. Midifighter 3d and ableton
  193. MF Utility and Ableton 10
  194. Usb-C Hub for 2 Midi Fighter Twister
  195. update loop of hell ...
  196. Midi Fighter Twister Super knob Secondary CC #
  197. Twister infinity knob setting?
  198. Detent on only when switch action shift encoder toggle/hold is on?
  199. changing midi channel using twister, not the desktop software?
  200. MFT step sequencer controller list / specification
  201. Will there ever be an update for MFT and windows 7
  202. Row of MF 64 buttons won't change to desired color using utility
  203. Does MF3D work with Windows 10?
  204. Midi fighter vs bcr2000?
  205. MFTwister shift layer with Bome/Controllermate?
  206. One Knob is loose, compared to the other 15..?????
  207. Midi Fighter 3D Remix Deck Firmware
  208. Twister doing something strange
  209. Understanding the Twister user guide
  210. How to map twister encoders to different instruments in ableton
  211. My Twister Is Now Wireless
  212. Midi Fighter twister traktor sequencer not working
  213. What are the MIDI Fighter MIDI messages?
  214. Using Midi Fighter Twister push buttons