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  1. Traktor S4 Timecode Problems and standalone s4 with Traktor 2.5.1
  2. Traktor S2 - Speaker Problem
  3. S4 with SNAPS on the MASTER SOUND
  4. USB3 / Native Instruments S4, Audio 4, Audio 8, Audio 2 - NI forum
  5. Setup Question S2: Monitors Left/Right
  6. Help needed - S4 Vinyl mode
  7. S2 Play Button Problem
  8. Problems with S4 Track Prep Tools Mapping
  9. S2 prep tool problems
  10. Traktor 2.5.1 ?
  11. Very low bass, lots of mids/highs
  12. s2+machine mikro
  13. Blinking load A button On my S2
  14. Can you use 2 Kontrol S2's with one computer running Traktor 2.5?
  15. S4 won't map knobs using Direct mode?
  16. Mapping
  17. Mapping F1 in user or midi mode to blink Pad LEDs
  18. Eh....Big problem...
  19. S2 as a mixer with turntables & Audio 6?
  20. Tempo issues with sample decks
  21. S2 Preview track
  22. Stop Remix Decks master
  23. Traktor Kontrol device or a scratch setup?
  24. Brand new traktor s4, 8 hours old and already not working! Please help!
  25. How good is the auto-gain feature?
  26. playlist problem
  27. S4 With External Soundcard
  28. make the Autogain Louder ?
  29. How to clear all tracks in traktor collection
  30. Native Instruments won't answer to my Ticket
  31. NI Kontrol S2 + Pioneer DDJ-Ergo-V
  32. Internally routing Maschine Mikro through a live deck channel in Traktor on my S4
  33. s4 power adapter issues...
  34. S4 Mapping for MODUL8?
  35. S4 and Yamaha HS80 monitors
  36. Traktor Question
  37. A10 vinyl scratch problem - Output levels
  38. NoFuture Mapping
  39. NEED HELP ASAP - Right Jog Wheel - not just callibration
  40. Traktor 2 Reverb freeze problem
  41. Weird sound on the traktor S4 outpout
  42. Help with B&W Speakers to S4 setup
  43. help with setting up traktor s4
  44. how to insert my music collection onto traktor.
  45. kontrol s4 remix decks
  46. DJTT Mix Competition Only a Few Hours Left
  47. Traktor pro 2 AUTOMIX FEATURE?
  48. S4 sound problem
  49. S2 controlling FX unit 1&2 X1 controlling FX 3&4?
  50. Native Instruments Traktor Pro v2.5 Remix Deck Content
  51. So i have no sample decks with my s4...
  52. Performing on the S4 with loops/stems from Future loops and other places.
  53. S4 consistant audio stop start
  54. Good news for USB3 and S4 users - Windows 8 doesn't bluescreen.
  55. S2 DRM issues
  56. S2 turntables, A6 cuing help!
  57. S2 mapping issue
  58. Lost fadercap
  59. S4 Jack Port problem
  60. s2 and remix decks question
  61. S4 Faders Sticking.
  62. Scrolling Through my iTunes Playlists With the S4
  63. Audio issues!!!!!!
  64. Just bout a used S2 :) however the seller is incommunicado about the serial :(
  65. odd one, S4 eq and filter knobs are pausing playing tracks :s
  66. Best speakers with S4
  67. S4 cue buttons
  68. Map Pitch fader to zoom level on track
  69. Kontrol S4 USB 3.0 Conflict
  70. How to record live mix sets onto Mac directly.
  71. Syncing a S4 and an other controller together ?
  72. S4/Traktor best way to import lots of music for first time
  73. Traktor Studio 2.5.0 setu pwith CDJ400 and DJM700
  74. Problem with Studio Monitors and Kontrol S4. NEED HELP PLEASE !!!
  75. Wait! Doesnt traktor slow tempo without pich!?
  76. Start Cued Point on Crossfade
  77. Kontrol S4 main outputs
  78. Can you fix the volume fader issue on the S4 by yourself? - Warranty is gone
  79. USB 5400RPM External Good Enough?
  80. Can't get traktor to register S4 as midi in/out
  81. S2 Live Setup
  82. User shared remix sets
  83. Traktor Pro and Numark Mixtrack question(S) (Dont know where else to post)
  84. S2 second hand sale
  85. Traktor S2 with traktor 2.5
  86. midimaps argh
  87. S4 Crossfader Curve
  88. I am trying to upgrade to 2.5 on Traktor and I keep getting a Failed mess. on my MAC
  89. S4 question for use as mixer with CDJ 850s in usb mode
  90. I am now using Traktor 2.5.1 on my S4..sample decks area reads New Remix Set..
  91. Laptop Spec help..?
  92. Will my Windows 7 Proffesional run Traktor S2 and Traktor Pro 2
  93. Traktor / S4 Automation? Pre-recorded sets?
  94. Can the S2 connect with a mixtrack pro with a soundcard?
  95. S4 Extra mappable controls
  96. How do you use F1 along with S2/4 ?
  97. Traktor Pro music transfer
  98. I put the wrong Usb cable from another controller in my S4
  99. Buying a traktor s2 from this website
  100. Successor to S4?
  101. Need help asap s4 gives my new pc BLUE SCREEN
  102. Minor re-map S4?
  103. browsing playlists on s4?
  104. [WANTED UK] Technics 1210's, SL3 and a 4 channel mixer (ddm4000) !!
  105. What does Traktor 2.6 mean for us s4 users?
  106. Messed my timecode up by plugging a mic in
  107. 2.6 and S4, Stock mapping over ride feature
  108. Few question on traktor 2.6 on the S4
  109. S4 and 2.6 bugs
  110. S4 + 1 cdj
  111. Setting gain levels for S4 and Traktor Pro 2
  112. Traktor 2.6 Not showing up in Service Center
  113. Traktor S4 Syncing/Master Issue
  114. S2 Random Audio Drop outs & Serious Issues !!!
  115. ASUS n56v USB 3.0 Traktor Problems
  116. Why shouldn't i decrease the latency ?
  117. S2 Issue: Headphone emitting highpitch buzz/not working
  118. Sample Decks - Traktor w/ Kontrol S2
  119. TP2.6 and S4 - Shift button engages "tempo tap" for focused deck
  120. S2 Scratching advice
  121. Has anyone tried this for their F1?
  122. Mapping New Functions on S4 in 2.6 (Using Shift and...)
  123. how to make jog wheels scratch?
  124. Questions about Scratching with Traktor.
  125. New DJ have s4
  126. Kontrol S4 - Audio Issues
  127. Traktor Kontrol S2 and Traktor 2.6 bugs
  128. map scratch on s2
  129. S4 Sample Decks to play original tempo and not get synced automatically to deck
  130. S4 not being recognised as controller
  131. Traktor S4 + Maschine Sync Bug
  132. Traktor 2.5.0 Crashes with Runtime Error
  133. S2 audio question!
  134. Pre-Use question. Midi Figther 3D + Traktor S4 + TS4 Kontrol
  135. Traktor update 2.5, Cue loop points activate by them self
  136. Minor S2 mapping change - possible in TP 2.6?
  137. Creating my own mappings for 3 components and using all at once?
  138. S4 Question / problem almost solved its in bits now haha ( Fader Issue ) Please read.
  139. S2 and macbook lag issue
  140. Newbie debating S2 Purchase - Please Advise!
  141. LED Feed Back for FX Banks
  142. S4 and Maschine in Traktor
  143. Problem when set the hot cue
  144. does the Traktor S4 Tutorial DVD apply to the Traktor S2 as well?
  145. Tracks Playing When Loading In Traktor 2.6.0
  146. Traktor 2.6 and abelton together?
  147. Alien Sound really quick during playback and not during playback
  148. Making a playlist auto update?
  149. Need help mapping midi key board to use with S2
  150. adding samples to remix deck channels and paging up and down
  151. Gain control during Jog FX
  152. S4 Master volume knob doesn't work with 2.6?
  153. S4 For a Wedding?
  154. Quick question
  155. of course kontrol s4
  156. Traktor S2 and sound issues..
  157. Save a REMIX SET with new title?
  158. S2 4 FX Units
  159. Traktor Kontrol S4 --> LED mapping overwrite not possible?
  160. How to Route the S4 to speakers. (directly)
  161. Kontrol S4 + Smartphone
  162. S4/Win7 bizarre jog resolution/latency issues. Insight welcome!
  163. The hell is the OFFSET buttons for? discussion leads into mapping
  164. Autogain problems with traktor 2.6
  165. Loop record from Deck a, and save to slot on Deck D (doesnt seem possible)
  166. Traktor 2.6 Window Size for Vertical Monitor?
  167. Pro 2 serial check
  168. snap "!" flashing. Cant makt it stop
  169. About the S4 & xone EQ-I've searched high and low but still have ?'s
  170. f1 set up
  171. Tempo doesnt change on deck header when moving pitch slider??
  172. S4 Fader issues??
  173. S4 USB port repair..
  174. Cue problem with the S4
  175. unsuported or DRM...? Its an TPro2 / S4 Demo track
  176. Unmapping/Deactivating a volume fader? (NI S4)
  177. Nooblet struggling to beatgrid
  178. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  179. Traktor S2 Headphone Volume
  180. Saving Cue points and hotcues even AFTER removing the song?
  181. Emergency Strategies with the S2?
  182. HELP FOR MAPPING (jog and deck)
  183. Delay Freeze Post-Fader Issue
  184. Live input latency
  185. Skipping Issue On Tracks W/ Cue Points - Traktor 2.6
  186. Mountain Lion + S4 Problems
  187. Need Help with Traktor Pro 2 and iTunes Library
  188. Anyone else noticed low input levels on S4 when linking 2 S4's.
  189. S4 pops and drobouts, please help!!!
  190. Kontrol S2 Jog wheel glitch/fault?
  191. Anybody selling an S2 or an S4?
  192. Xtrememapping S4 Question
  193. Dismantling, cleaning and reassembling Kontrol S4.
  194. hardware problems with s4
  195. Traktor S4 with Rokit 8's?
  196. Problems with the S4 (Buttons, jogwheels not functioning right)
  197. Que not working properly
  198. Beatgridding and using Ean's track prep mapping......
  199. recording using traktor and s4
  200. Filter Knobs - No auto on?
  201. Current S4 manual?
  202. Ripping Sound loop samples from Traktor Remix Sets
  203. S4 headphone cue mix knob problems - anyone had a similar problem before ?
  204. Using LPD8 pads for remix deck
  205. Combining the S4 and TouchOSC
  206. Change the loop length = moves the loop out point
  207. Running sound output through PC speakers, and using headphone on Kontrol S4 as well
  208. Emergency backup help!
  209. S4 "b" Chanel bleed
  210. New Traktor + S4 user
  211. Chroma caps for the S4
  212. S4 Glitched at a terrible time. (Double post from MF3D boards)
  213. 2x Kontrol S2 and Traktor Pro 2 issues
  214. Traktors4 sotware cuts off
  215. Just got a used S4, I am blown away
  216. How t plug my F1 to a mixer
  217. s4 not recognized on the In-Port?
  218. Headphone Cueing while using Internal Soundcard?
  219. How do I to use my S2 with virtual DJ
  220. problem with my registration code with my traktor kontrol s2
  221. S4 Traktor V2.6 and using Jog for FX !?
  222. How to change the crossfader to do cut or scratch mode ?
  223. Questions about my kontrol s2
  224. Auto Recording could not be started on Traktor S2
  225. Kontrol S4, TP2 and Ableton
  226. CUP mapping Kontrol S4
  227. S2 Mapping help - sample knob to filter
  228. Got to play around with an F1... now do I go S2 or S4?
  229. How do I reverse Tempo so 'Up" raises the tempo and 'Down' lowers the tempo
  230. S4 Keyboard mapping help
  231. Routing monitor channel to a channel to record?
  232. Problem with tempo fader
  233. Craziness with volume faders on s4 - moving on their own
  234. Running S4/Scratch Pro/Serato SL2 together
  235. Beat mash/slice on S4
  236. S2 Headphone whine
  237. S2 spare parts?
  238. How to connect my S4 to play audio through my laptop?
  239. Traktor S4 Upgrade Kit Question
  240. Kontrol S2 + Audio 8 DJ + 2 Turntables: Need help figuring that one out!
  241. S4 not recognized by the Traktor on PC
  242. Two S2s into 1 Z2 (Back to Back DJing)
  243. (New Update!) DJTT Kontrol S4 v2.0 Official Mapping Thread
  244. S4 as Soundcard = No headphones ?
  245. Curious bout the djtt usb cable
  246. Want to work with Vinyl but use my S2 as a Mixer.
  247. [[Audio Settings]] Confused to get Headphone cueing set?
  248. Problem With File Names from Folder to Traktor Pro 2.6
  249. How to set one shot samples?
  250. S4 Autogain problems