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  1. traktor - locking the media library
  2. Might buy a Numark CDX
  3. Custom slipmats + other vinyl questions
  4. How to prevent booth monitors from causing unreliable timecode signal?
  5. Needles, Slipmats & Settings
  6. Record and needle cleaning
  7. **Talk About Sampling!**
  8. Could someone make a case for DCJs?
  9. Just bought a few house records for $125, how did I do? *PICS*
  10. Has Ecler gone out of business?
  11. Technics Faceplates/skins
  12. CDJ 1000mk3 SD Cards
  13. Innofader Pro and Rane 56
  14. Which Shure is right?
  15. Scratch Samples in Traktor
  16. Is this the ultimate Technics customization menu?
  17. 1210 M5G pitch resolution
  18. Help, need some technics info....
  19. About the 1200 MK2..?
  20. Technics SL-1200 MK2 or Vestax PDX 2000- you choose
  21. mixers with dual independent PFL/Cue ?
  22. 1200 mk2 users I need help
  23. What is the best mixer for Traktor with built in soundcard???
  24. zooming in on waveforms
  25. Simple question Technics SL-1200 still play normal?
  26. Need advices to buy dj turntables
  27. Stanton 120C????
  28. Alternative to Technics 1200 MK
  29. cdj 800 mk1 vs mk2,what is the difference?.
  30. Buying Turntables
  31. I'm really not a controllerist, what should I venture into?
  32. FUUUUU bidding regrets Technics 1210 Mk. 2
  33. best cd players <$500
  34. numark ttx's.... what do y'all think
  35. another question
  36. Numark DXM-06 Mixer
  37. Timecode and needle wear
  38. need mixer suggestions!!
  39. Needles
  40. traktor 2.5 upgrade question
  41. Options for CDJ'ing
  42. puppies
  43. So I just landed a SL-1210 MK2... What now?
  44. Value of Rane TTM 56s?
  45. Technics 1200 internal ground & Traktor DVS
  46. Do I need a external soundcard?
  47. Noob! CDJ's or DVS?
  48. Trouble with new cd players... connection problems
  49. Buying used cdj-2000s
  50. Timecode CDS and X1 glitch?
  51. Recording DJ mix through Mixer into Apogee Duet
  52. 1210 qestion
  53. Vestax PMC-07 Pro scratch mixer- any thoughts?
  54. Technics SL1200/1210 Repair Service (UK)?
  55. Just got a pair of cdj 2000's. yummy.
  56. CDJ-350, DJM-350 setup, need buying tips
  57. Gemini CDJ 700
  58. Best Software for Transferring Vinyl to MP3 (or better yet FLAC)
  59. TSP2 latency question?
  60. Used Cartridges.
  61. Tell me about your practice
  62. Anyone try out the Thudrumble Flypad Slipmats?
  63. feedback on my scratching
  64. Connecting PC laptop to CDJ in HID mode
  65. Cart! Stylus and head shell upgrade
  66. Desperate need of input...
  67. Powdercoating Technics Platter
  68. Which Traktor software should I use with audio 8?
  69. Ecler Mixers
  70. Does anyone recommend the DJM-700?
  71. numark tt 500's
  72. Underrated Mixers?
  73. Technic 1200's timecode flutter (bpm fluxuation)
  74. Staying busy
  75. Finally got around to painting this pair of MK2s that have been in pieces... [pics]
  76. CDJ 200 E-8303 Error
  77. ok, CDX question again. hot deal?
  78. should i trade my cdj900s for technics mk5's and serato??
  79. Learning curve between denon dn sc3900 and pioneer cdjs
  80. CDJ or Vinyl?
  81. which would you pick? cdj 850/900
  82. ortofon concorde jumping at raves
  83. Mixer Advice
  84. PDX 2000 legs
  85. Help decide: Denon S3700; S3900; CDJ 900 with Traktor
  86. Best CDJ setup to practice on?
  87. Connecting Audio4 without multicore cables - help please!
  88. Anyone Here Use Record Pools
  89. Direct drive Vs belt drive
  90. What would YOU pay for a set of Technics?
  91. Ortofon cartridge/stylus compatibility question
  92. DJM-T1 Without Traktor?
  93. Numark TTX1 questions
  94. Denon DJ SC2900 Thread
  95. Shure Needle Question
  96. The first announcement of the Shure M44-7
  97. Bad RCA cable
  98. Picked up a set up techs mk2. Now looking to do some work...But what do I do!
  99. cdj-900 wont turn on
  100. So i'm stuck between a Serato and a hardplace
  101. Technics Turntables
  102. Restoring Technics
  103. DJing with TTs -vs- CDJs
  104. "Faking" technics?
  105. Breaks & scratch albums...
  106. DN-X1600 vs. DN-X1700
  107. Needle Advice
  108. Technics problem
  109. Technics tone arm replacement
  110. American Audio Radius 3000 v Stanton CMP800
  111. pioneer djm909
  112. Need help setting up TSP with Pioneer cdj 800 Mk2
  113. what's the break beat in this video?
  114. Which cdj's to go for?
  115. Technics SL-1200 MKII Output Issue
  116. Technics SL-1200 MKII Pitch Fader Erratic - Calibration the Solution
  117. Turntable Repair?
  118. You guys have converted me.
  119. Traktor timecode + Vinyl.
  120. Getting some new CDJS
  121. should I buy these two technics mk5s?
  122. Are these direct drive turntables decent?
  123. Going CDJs
  124. Technics 1210's both tending toward the outside of the record?
  125. So I want to start scratching
  126. My technic 1200s are acting up
  127. i need a cdj, and have no idea what to start with.
  128. i need a cdj, and have no idea what to start with.
  129. CD Cover Art and/or Disc Art
  130. Moving from controllers to timecode control
  131. Turntabalism Nubster
  132. Where to get custom 1200/10's in the UK ?
  133. Numark NDX400 - Thoughts and Experiences?
  134. Need some buying advice! DJM-850 vs Rane 62
  135. replacing pitch faders on my pdx 2000
  136. What is the cheapest possible Digital Vinyl System?
  137. Dvs
  138. Urgentt help needed
  139. Hwo to get DJM to send midi clock to traktor
  140. Pitch fluctuation issues - SL1200 MK5.
  141. What do I do with my old CDJs
  142. DJ Gear Purchase (Making the right Decision)
  143. Two deals offered by Guitar Center for mixers
  144. Could use some beat matching tips
  145. Numark TTX display question
  146. Would this work?
  147. Went down the CDJ route... I like it.
  148. What Technics for me...scratching and mixing..
  149. finally make the switch to vinyl and then this shit... -_-
  150. Advanced H.I.D CDJ 900/2000 Traktor
  151. 4 deck - 2 tables dvs control...light/led feedback options?
  152. Adding CDJ 850's to DVS system???
  153. How much warp should a new Traktor Control Record have?
  154. Props to vinyl beatmatchers...
  155. slipmats for scratching.. want more grip than butter rugs..
  156. OOP Records
  157. Custom Slipmat Companies
  158. Curious why my M3ds show pitch range in Traktor of -8% > + 13%?
  159. Record bag recommendations?
  160. Keep Kontrol S2 + Maschine or Buy CDJ-850/900 and mixer?
  161. Help a fella with a mixer?
  162. So whats the deal with head shells?
  163. Timecode problem on new MBP
  164. Timecode Problem
  165. Burning CDs/DVD's
  166. Numark problem
  167. Question for the Vynal Gods
  168. Sounds crazy, but...do MIDI turntables exist?
  169. Non-linear fader on SL-1200 MK2
  170. thinking of moving to CDJs
  171. Its all your fault
  172. Pioneer CDJ2000 problemo or me?? To hang the headphones up or not?
  173. Weird Technics problem
  174. DVS n00b, couple of questions I can't seem to find the answer to!
  175. Technics 1200, where to get serviced in LA
  176. BEST CDJ ? non pioneer
  177. PNY USB sticks and CDJ2000s - Do they play well together?
  178. CDJ-350 with Traktor in HID/Midi
  179. Technics Height Adjustment Stuck
  180. Possibly the stupidest question ever asked
  181. NDX400 & Traktor. HELP!!!!!
  182. Back to back with a Serato DJ
  183. Help setting up a Maya 44 usb audio interface with traktor scratch
  184. Need help not got a clue
  185. CDJ 400 or CDJ 350 second hand
  186. At what speed do you burn your audio CDs?
  187. What are the advantages of a CDJ/any cd player over controllers?
  188. Recommend Me a Set Up!!
  189. Stanton ST150 / STR8-150
  190. CDJ 2000 Nexus finally here
  191. Very confused with CDJ-100's
  192. CDJ 850 Traktor
  193. Denon CD Decks...anyone used em?
  194. Eight tips and tricks for the CDJ-2000 (nexus)
  195. Numark battlepack or Stanton STR80-30
  196. CDJ2000 Nexus
  197. Normalize A Track For CDJ's?
  198. Issue with CDJ 2000s, DJM 900 Nexus, and Traktor HID integration.
  199. Technics 1200 Mk5
  200. Best place in uk to Buy Pioneer DJ Gear? CDJ2000 and DJM850
  201. Which CDJ for a "high-end noob"?
  202. DJ in your car
  203. Should I make the switch to CDJs?
  204. Group Compilation of Best Tutorial Videos
  205. I need some help/advice! Transitioning from S2 to turntables?
  206. Just jumped on Vinyl [just started]
  207. Anyone ever been to Jerrys Records?
  208. BBC is getting rid of some SL1210 MK2's
  209. CDJ 1000 mk2 - not reading CDs
  210. In need of some serious help!
  211. CDJ400 Cue Button
  212. Gemini CDJ-700 Question
  213. noob questions about timecode vinyl / hybrid setup.
  214. new user looking for advice on buying setup
  215. Purchasing my first decks. Technics 1200 M3D.
  216. So setting up timecode [ vdj]
  217. converting: Vinyls to mp3
  218. Advice about cdj's
  219. DVS / Timecode or Motorized Platter (Denon 3900, etc...) Solution?
  220. T.62 Yay or nay
  221. Xone 42 & S4.
  222. Advice needed: Rane Sixty-Two or Xone DB2 with SL-2
  223. Which USB stick and what size? (CDJ)
  224. CDJ2000 HID + Traktor 2.5.1 question
  225. About to buy some DJ headphones
  226. Few quick questions on XLR and RCA output.
  227. 1200s + SSL user thinking of jumping to CDJs
  228. CDJ-350 + Xone 22 + KRK RP5 + Traktor 2 = Too many problems
  229. DN-SC2900 Thoughts
  230. Went from Vinyl to CDJ. First impressions!
  231. CDJ-900 scratch live help
  232. Gemini CDJ-600
  233. Cheap but respectable audio interface? (*into* computer)
  234. sound problem with new setup
  235. CDJ 850 with traktor issue
  236. tempo problem on technic 1200 mk5
  237. heeeeelp i'm new!!!!
  238. Mixing in key: basic questions
  239. DJ set intro tracks - where to find?
  240. Should I pull the Trigger?
  241. CDJ 2000 Waveform firmware update
  242. Reason people buy the DJM900 over the DJM2000?
  243. Looking to upgrade to timecoded vinyl, some questions
  244. M5Gs
  245. Gemini CDJ-700?
  246. Mixing with DVS - Tips and Tricks?
  247. Switching between vinyl and timecode
  248. Good deal on CDJ1000s?
  249. Dubstep style music mixers w/cdj 850s
  250. Mixer