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  1. Still worth getting 1210s? Is this still relevant?
  2. DN-X1600 OutputS - Recording vinyl and mixes
  3. Riding the pitch
  4. cdj-900s/xone 42 with traktor
  5. Technics 1210 audio cable swap?
  6. Xone 42 - 2 phono, what interface?
  7. Perfect
  8. How do you achieve these build-ups?
  9. Technics 1200 MKII Problems/Need Advice
  10. Help needed, Problems with Traktor Scratch Pro 2
  11. Mixer Suggestion
  12. Tonearm Question (Picture Inside)
  13. Cdj1000
  14. help on pro2.6
  15. Beginner Scratch Set up
  16. Technics 1210 (1200) question.
  17. Not new to Traktor but just started with DVS
  18. Help with a soundcard
  19. CDJ-850 vs 900 for Traktor HID setup
  20. DAP T-3000 turntables (for a starter)?
  21. Setting up Traktor Pro with Pioneer
  22. Tech 1210 problem!
  23. DJM 2000 Nexus announced
  24. I just got a two cdj900s & DJM 800 how do i hook up to Traktor?
  25. DJM 2000 Light Diagnostics?
  26. cdj 2000 + 900 nexcus traktor setup
  27. I installed a new tonearm and audio cables and now have poor sound quality!
  28. vinyl storage- front facing storage?
  29. my vinyl collection
  30. Technics all the way... my SL-family is growing !
  31. Upgrading from S4 -> Turntables
  32. Sorry but CDJ's bore me
  33. help required re: buzz in dj set-up!
  34. Technics tonearm issue.
  35. Pioneer CDJ-100's play burned CD's?
  36. Stanton ST150 parts and audio questions
  37. Advice required on beginner setup (2 Numark ndx400's and 1 M1 mixer)
  38. Help with CDJ Set Up with Traktor.
  39. Using mixer's fx send/return thru Traktor for fx?
  40. CDJ 2000 Link not working
  41. Mixer for CDJ-350's
  42. Shure M44-7H vs Ortofon Nightclub Concorde
  43. Is a Traktor card necessary for DVS?
  44. Starter USB Vinyl Setup-Recommendations?
  45. Key board mapping for use with my DVS help (TSP2)
  46. Is it possible to mix with traktor by using at the same time CDJ350 and CDJ 1000 (MK3
  47. [Question] - Hooking up a studio, with DVS
  48. Buying "Mid tier" turntables vs super oems?
  49. CD HID with S4 Mixer
  50. Bad Sound quality audio4dj . HELP!H
  51. Is white vinyl more prone to extreme vinyl crackles ?
  52. Traktor CDJ MK2 acting strange?
  53. Soldering technic 1200s
  54. What's the best scratch mixer?
  55. traktor timecode issue
  56. Question about CDJs
  57. Various Pioneer CDJ and Traktor Integration
  58. DJM 2000 and Nexus differences
  59. New Dskreet Slipmats
  60. Viewed some 2nd hand technics, need some help!
  61. Where to store music when using club CDJ's?
  62. Indecisive about CDJ Purchase choice-Need Guidance
  63. DJM 800 VS. Xone 62
  64. What are good (cheap) turntables?
  65. Contemplating my first pair of CDJs... Possibly my first Pioneer products...
  66. Approx cost of delivery for mixer/cdjs in UK/
  67. Organising your tracks on CDs
  68. Cleaning CDJ
  69. Issue with brand new Technics SL-1200 MK2
  70. Stanton ST 150 / ST 150 II
  71. Anyone using Ortofon OM DJ S cart with scratch pro?
  72. Can someone translate this calibration image for me??
  73. Analyse of Boys Noize's build up effects on Pioneer mixer
  74. To quantize or not to quantize
  75. Strobe Calibration dots on super oem tables. checking pitch
  76. Lamenting about pitch fader problems...grounding issues i think
  77. New set up ???s DJM850 VS DB:2
  78. shipping turntables overseas
  79. Worn out cart/needle? Alot of skipping
  80. Traktor Scratch Pro to Traktor Scratch Pro 2 upgrade
  81. Check out this sick TT/Serato setup!
  82. Need some thoughts on ideas about performing as a duo.
  83. New Traktor Scratch coming up?
  84. Kontrol Z2
  85. AudioDJ 4 & Mixlr Setup
  86. DJM350 EQ Cutoffs
  87. Broken CDJ 800 MK1 - Looking for Advice
  88. Worth upgrading CDJ1000 MKs
  89. scratch videos
  90. Citronic MPCD-X3 swap offer. Any hands on experience?
  91. Do I have the right setup?
  92. vinyl to mp3
  93. Skipping on Stanton ST150s and Shure M44-7s
  94. A Dj need your advice!!
  95. Technics 1210 Mk2 Unstable Pitch
  96. what's the difference betwwen CDJ2000's and nexus?
  97. CDJ 2000 and working with a Nexus deck
  98. CDJ and MixCDJvibes Cross 2.3
  99. Traktor Scratch vinyl loses signal
  100. Audio 6 vestax mod completed
  101. Debating on whether or not to buy CDJ's
  102. Aggregate device without losing timecode?
  103. Upgrading to Turntables,is it worth it?
  104. A question about peaking/volume..
  105. Help me upgrade my gear! (DDJ SX vs NS7 MKII etc)
  106. Calbration problem technics 1210
  107. Sell up my Technics 1210's and DVS for Pio 900 + Rekordbox??
  108. Scratchy Seal/Bully Breaks Vinyl Problems (timecode)
  109. CDJ HID mode with traktor 2.6 issues
  110. Burning tracks to Cds
  111. way too much gear, idk what i want to keep and/or sale
  112. Anyone have experience with Numark CC1 or CS1 Carts/Needles?
  113. Traktor Timecode vinyl is more slippery on one side?
  114. Coffins or Individual Cases for flights??
  115. Record shops in Vegas?
  116. traktor studio sync related settings in traktor pro 2
  117. Speaker problem iv just got
  118. New purchase opinions please
  119. CDJ: Emergency USB Drive Technique
  120. Turntable for mixing/learning to scratch on?
  121. New delivery
  122. single CDJ Mixing
  123. Vinyl
  124. Ideas of making a more creative set
  125. is there a way to disable seeking to previous track with jog wheel on the cdj 900?
  126. CDJ 850, DJM 900nxs and NI TRACTOR SCR PRO 2 only USB
  127. Dj tech dif-1s
  128. Which mixer is good for scratching?
  129. Traktor Duplicate Deck without Volume increase??
  130. RB best practices
  131. please Help cdj400 and djm 400
  132. noobie ?.. songs all loaded/analyzed in rekordbox, how to get them onto CDJ-2000nex?
  133. CDJ-2000nexus.. when I hit Play/Pause, the track goes into a "Stutter/Bouncer"..
  134. CDJ suggestions
  135. Really need your help - vinyl mixing
  136. TT Needle Replacements?
  137. Advice on turntables. yup.
  138. CDJ E-809 Error ?
  139. CDJ 2000/Traktor HID problem
  140. Technics 1200 Black and Silver
  141. buying technics 1200 MK2's from the UK? power cable?
  142. CDJ advice
  143. File types to Audio CD
  144. CD issues
  145. Whats the best turntable I can get for around $600 ea.?
  146. Filter EQ Good or Bad?
  147. Will Traktor Scratch Pro work with IMG STAGE LINE - CD 30 DJ?
  148. Numark M101USB mixer
  149. Good deall on Traktor Audio 6 from Musicians Friend
  150. Xone DB4 Soundcard, Traktor Timecode Problem, DVS Solutions
  151. Traktor HID Support?
  152. 3 x cdj 2000 vs 3x cdj2000 nxs
  153. Torq control CD's - Do you have them?
  154. CDJ 1000mk3 memory card issue
  155. 2x 1000MK + DJM 800 for 700. Scam?
  156. Tip for people mixing in the 120-130 bpm range
  157. I think I need new RCA Cables for my technics?
  158. Recommend a way to setup CDJ HID without owning a pair of CDJ's
  159. Spin DJ PT-110 Turntables
  160. How to play on HID mode AFTER previous dj uses CD's/USBsticks. I encounterd a problem
  161. vinyl to mp3 w/ rega fono mini a2d
  162. Looking to start a DVS setup
  163. MK2 Vinyl
  164. Vinyl Collection - How much space does it takes?
  165. low phono volume in Xone92
  166. Los Angeles DJTT'ers Help Finding Traktor MK2 Control Vinyl!!!
  167. Any point?
  168. CDJs and USB hub
  169. The CMP 800
  170. aligning cartridge on headshell
  171. Control 2 Decks with 1 CDJ-400
  172. Numark TT500 - bought 4 months ago(new) , weird motor problem?
  173. Worth taking the plunge from CDJ-900 to CDJ-2000 Nexus (in HID with Traktor)?
  174. Clear traktor control vinyl on traktor butter rugs
  175. Need some advice on buying turntables not called Technics.
  176. iTunes only burning first track
  177. Opinions Wanted on a Few Questions
  178. Native Instruments Timecode CD
  179. scratching with CDJ 2000 nexus with Traktor Hid
  180. CDJ-800 MK1 for 175$ CAN, should I do it?
  181. 2000 to spend on TT's, mixer, sound card etc. What would you buy?
  182. CDJ-850 CD reading tolerance
  183. Xone DB2 trim issue
  184. Nota Nera / pimp my turntables UK
  185. Plz tell me some Cheap Turntable Brands
  186. Planning on Picking up 1200s, Do These Look Alright?
  187. Slipmat Nirvana
  188. New to turntables .. Need help
  189. changing tonearm on 1200 mk2 first time
  190. DB2 Filter Off
  191. Buy: either a pair of cdj 1000 mk3 for $1000 or buy 1 900 And wait
  192. This is beyond ridiculous (CDJ looping)
  193. Kam KCD550 worth my money?
  194. Moving on
  195. Formatting SD Card
  196. Technics 1210 m5g/Serato dilemma!!!
  197. CDJ2000 Disable stutter in cdj mode. HID Traktor
  198. CDJ 1000 Mk2 via VCI 400 Soundcard
  199. cdj's that use cue points
  200. cdj's that use cue points
  201. Turntable Anti Skate Issue
  202. how to check a 1200 platter is in good condition
  203. Technics modifications. What would you go for?
  204. needle wear out from playing bad records?
  205. Worklog/Guide: Painting Technics SL-1200
  206. Great price for A&H DB2
  207. What equipment would you buy for your first setup if you had 1700/$2500?
  208. vinyl beatmatching question
  209. Beatmatching + Low torque
  210. My frist set of DJ equipment, CDJ 350 vs 850 vs 900
  211. Buying more equiptment.. What to do???
  212. cant seem to figure out why my needles keep skipping (new to TT's)
  213. Recording Mixes from CDJ's
  214. CDJ Companies-Wanna produce a bestseller?
  215. Question regarding CDJ900 Advanced HID
  216. djm800 - can it save a loop?
  217. Rekordbox Hot Cues
  218. flight case for stanton 150's? and a z2?
  219. First cd decks - beginner - need help !!!!!!
  220. vinyl: is sleeve enough? do i need the extra cardboard?
  221. DVS Setup for Mobile DJs?
  222. Help me decided between two different turntables... :)
  223. Connecting DJM to Yamaha HS5s?
  224. DN-S3700 Vinyl Mode Beatmatching
  225. CDJ's to Traktor
  226. How do you organize your music for playing live?
  227. Stanton T62
  228. Anyone using CDJ's with Traktor Scratch via Timecode?
  229. Which decks should i choose?
  230. cdj800 mk1 can't read cd and ejects it again
  231. Basic questions - channel and EQ levels
  232. DJM 800 Post Fader Effects
  233. I'm getting this dandruff.....and head n shoulders doesn't play nice with vinyl....
  234. What are the best DJ turntables in the market right now?
  235. DJM 900 MIDI Clock to Traktor
  236. technics 1200 tempo/power question
  237. audio interface/soundcard for both djing and producing?
  238. MK2 Vinyl Pitch Fluctuation
  239. Anyone successfully connect a Droid Tablet to a CDJ via USB?
  240. Recording Vinyl - Help / Tips
  241. New Cartridge Recommendations For My DVS/Vinyl Set Up?
  242. technics weight/set up problem
  243. thinking to upgrade to cdj's
  244. z2 faceplate replacement process?
  245. Repairing CDJ - Need Some Help!
  246. knowing the right tempo
  247. Another which CDJ thread for home practicing
  248. One deck mixing in traktor
  249. Didital Turntables
  250. CD Dj advice