Conversation Between Funken and Anthony More

Conversation Between Funken and Anthony More

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  1. I used horizontally potmeters, because the vertically pots are custom made by vestax.
    I used linear 10kohms with center detent
  2. Hi Anthony..

    Great work on your VCI Mod..:-)

    I'm just startet a mod for myself, 4 channels and in a 19" 5U case, with all text and lines, engraved.. and ofcause based on the VCI :-)

    My question is, where you found the potmeteres, i have some problems finding the right ones, i have to replace the small potmeters, that are soldered on the board, with ones that are placed on the frontplate, like those 11mm.. and does it matter, if its have the center click posistion?

    Hope you can help me out, it will save me some time..


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