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Conversation Between EanGolden and Nelson Chris Simon

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  1. Well, I've finished making my dj controller using 4 gamepads with 16 buttons and 2 analog sticks each. I use loopMIDI as the virtual MIDI port to use the signals from GlovePie as MIDI signals for Traktor Pro 2.

    I've tried all the scripts I could find on the net, but all of them only support one joystick at a time. So, I tried changing the variables, and few buttons of the 2nd and 4th gamepad/joystick, but not all work.

    So, I switched to fergo Joystick MIDI and got all 4 joysticks to work, but it supports only 12 buttons and 2 analogs each, which means I'm losing 4 buttons when the analog is turned on (the direction pad). GlovePie on the other hand, supports all the buttons and analogs, but I don't know the script for multiple joysticks.

    Someone, please help me! fbonito, EanGolden you're my inspiration for this project! But Please someone help me with the script in GlovePIE for multiple gamepads to be used at the same time with MIDI outputs.
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