Conversation Between JonathanBlake and Dustin V

Conversation Between JonathanBlake and Dustin V

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  1. Hey Jonathan,

    Hows things mate? Its a pity you didnt reply to my message in time cos I was up in Jhb last weekend and it would have been good to have a S4 mashup. Anyway...

    Dude I was wondering if I could ask you a favour? I'm selling my S4.. yes I know I'm crazy ha ha!! Na but after playing with it for the last 2 months I've realized that its not really suited for my needs even though its an awesome controller. Its just to big to be carrying around epsecially when traveling overseas. I need something a little more compact, I've been checking out the Novation Twitch, that looks pretty good, or perhaps a VCI Arcade.. lol I dunno..

    So... Would you know of any other DJ thats keen on buying it? I'm selling it for R7000. Please let me know asap, you can call me on 0712352815 or send me a message. Thanks bru.

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