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  1. ah yep someone else noticed that so i added a comment to the thread a few days ago:

    lib/grid.lua is the file i'm putting the new grid controller stuff in that i'm using on the launchpad and just forgot to remove from lib/startup.lua before building.

    i'll build a version now with a simple launchpad config in that at least has some page change buttons in etc and a virtual midifighter. kind of experimental tho as i haven't had enough time to test this version yet...
  2. Just read that post about deleting that line out of the startup.lua.


  3. I'm assuming I've done something wrong. Although I don't see a grid.lua in the /lib/ folder.
  4. an apc40 would be fun to create a mapping for... also i know there's a bunch of sysex you can send to an apc40 to change various modes etc and midimasher can send out sysex. i did a similar thing to get my scs.3d working to set the different modes of the main area etc.

    for example anywhere in the code (on startup or from a button press etc) you could send out the sysex in a string like this:

    send_midi_raw("apc40", 0x1, 0x2, 0x3, 0x4, 0x5)

    can use decimal as well as hex - depending on which is easier i guess. the apc40 has a decent spec doc anyway, i was having a look at it over the weeked, tho i don't remember why now
  5. After some thought, I'd actually like to try this fancy stuff with my APC40. Gotta prepare for awesome.
  6. i'd been holding off releasing any lp mapping until i had worked out how to emulate the two areas on the twitch that have their own independant banks/layers.

    turns out it was uber simple i just attach two 'virtual devices' (that then get their own layers and led recall for free) but instead of attaching the in+out to a physical midi device i attach the in+out to the layer on the real device. oddly simple and works really well...

    so if you're on the right page in the actual device (page 1 in my case) that area of the page then has its own page change buttons and sort of sub-pages. sounds more complicated than it is to use... just becomes an embedded 4banks midifighter type thing, or like on the itch, in any area of any page u want. automatically has as many pages/layers as u assign toggle switches to it.
  7. eeeeeef. I'll be waiting for an update, though.
  8. have some issues with toggle buttons choosing to display their default 'off' led on page 1 instead of where i put them - even tho they then work fine on the page i put them on. will debug that over the weekend and release something with at least the basic layout+page change stuff in - and a few controls as examples. no need use the traktor controller editor to change them ofc - just edit the midimasher config file in notepad or something.
  9. So when do I get to try that midimasher mapping for my Launchpad? :3
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