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Conversation Between tekki and Vekked

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  1. Excellent and good suggestion. Might try and cook up something in the near future, once again thanks!
  2. Gotcha, yea I understand, it's a slippery slope. It makes total sense for audio mixes/performances, 30 minutes just seems a bit ambitious videos. A section or tag for member videos would be nice, but maybe there's not enough of those to warrant it. I'll put in a suggestion. Thanks!
  3. You are partially right about this, though the general consensus is, sets, be it DJ set or controllerist/turntablist set, need to either be 30 minutes or longer to be their own thread. Otherwise we have to include it in minimix thread.

    Thing is, if I or the other moderators let this slip for one second, we will constantly be reminded about this.... :/

    As much as I respect you and your fantastic skills, I need to keep enforcing it.
  4. hmm... it's not a mix though :/. Like if someone does a controllerism routine it has to be 30 minute long to have it's own thread? Or is it posted in a different forum?
  5. Dude, I feel sorry to delete your turntablist routine in the Mixes and Productions forum as I respect you, but rules is rules.

    Mixes under 30 minutes need to be posted in the dedicated thread.
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