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Conversation Between Forevernow and Jason123

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  1. Hey Mr Joe....hope all is well..

    I had Midi Yoke installed...but had to un install it...because it wasnt compatiable with Win 7...or a 64 bit....sooo I downloaded...the Loopbe..

    Now when I launch the Lemur Daemon, my ipad was not even showing up as connected...even though i made an adhoc I re-made that's working great.

    I changed the port setting to 8000 as the manual said..and inputed my ip address...

    I am using LoopBe1..and changed those outputs and inputs to indicated by the maunal...

    Still my ipad is not communicating with my remix set on Traktor S4...

    I do see the mouse movin on my laptop..when i touch the ipad (as a mouse pad) it's "SORTA" communicating with it.....

    Any suggestions..??..Any Help..?

    Keep up tha great posts by tha way

    thanks so far my friend..
    have a good day
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