No discussions yet?!?

No discussions yet?!?

  1. BradCee
    Oh dear...

    Well to get things started, I want to bring up an old idea I had one drunken night....

    The 4 way crossfader. Like a regular crossfader, but with decks c and d on a vertical axis and a and b on a horizontal and volume levels faded for each deck based on position... and the middle being equal fades of all decks

    Never got it working right, best thing i could think of is mapping to a nanopad, with deck a channel fader going left to right (to fade out), b going right to left, c up to down (to fade out) and d down to up.

    however everything was half faded in the middle!!
  2. zookeeper
    thats a CRAZY idea.
    I like it.
    I think it would be better if audio sources instead of midi.....
    A big box with cables. 12 EQ Knobs. a BIG joystick. Mixing four channels of audio.
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