1. ThinAir
    I know the main forum has a section for gear reviews, and this is not what I propose here, but what about experiences with websites, online purchases and stores that you have bought stuff from?

    Let us know about your experiences, good or bad.
  2. ThinAir
    I will get us started on this:

    I buy a lot of kit from Soundbase megastore in Manchester:

    Each time I have been, the guys in there have been unbelievably helpful and have really helped me choosing gear that is right for me, even if it isnt the most expensive option available.

    Find them on OLDHAM STREET in Manchester or online here

    Really cant speak highly enough of these guys!
  3. city_boy07
    i will +1 that.... they are great at soundbase... they also remember their customers...

    i went in a few weeks ago and they rememberd me from over a year before asking if i was still a NI fanboy hhah
  4. Big Panda
    Big Panda
    I went into WestEnd Dj in London and really wasn't impressed. The guy couldn't work out how to get the DDJ-Sx working, and I went in asking about CDJ's and all he cared about showing me was the SX and the Aero.

    I am sheffield based and don't even know if there is a DJ shop there
  5. ThinAir
    Randomly, I bought my mixer in Sheffield... Think the shop was called Music Junky or something similar... Not a massive selection but the staff were pretty awesome, but we are talking five-ish years ago!
  6. city_boy07
    Did anyone ever go to hard to find in Birmingham that was a ace dj / record store
  7. ThinAir
    Yeah man, when I lived in derby it was only a 40minute "hop" on the train. Sound control was an awesome tech shop too. Dunno if it's still there, was right near snow hill station...
  8. Big Panda
    Big Panda
    Getting my TTs from Turntable Pimp in Stourbridge near Birmingham. So far he has been really good communication wise, and will give updates when they arrive.
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