1. bassaction
    Hey all,

    I have an s4 and traktor 2.6, and I had one problem/question.

    Occasionally I stay within one genre/range of bpms, and I would just like to keep the keylock on. I am of course using harmonic mixing, and I am trying to keep the keylock ON in the software, but I noticed that when I load the next track that key is not actually altered at all. Even if I use the hotkeys on the S4 to deactivate and then activate the keylock once again, it still does not alter the key. The only way to alter the key(lock) is to actually hit the little circle next to the key knob(in the software) to deactivate then reactivate the keylock; the key is then changed(and keylock activated.)

    Is it possible to set traktor so that once keylock is on that when you load the next track that it will alter key
    Is it possible to set traktor so that when you deactivate and activate keylock with hotkeys on the s4 that it is, at least then, altered?

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