DNB Mix Thread

DNB Mix Thread

  1. Flash101uk
    I thought it might be a good call to setup a thread to host links to all our mixes. I was trawling the mixes forum last night to find some new dnb but its chocca with shite. I dont think I found a single dnb mix over 3 pages, perhaps I was just overwhelmed with the sheer amount of electro mashups!

    So yeah, post a link to your thread hosted in the mixes forum and we'll go from there. We're limited to 1000 characters per post so I think tracklistings will have to stay on the mix thread, not this one. Maybe a breif outline with some name drops?
    Heres one to set the standard!

    Liquid > Deep > Tech
    Spy, Lenzman, Mortem, Kasra, Enei, Spectrasoul, Break, Amoss

  2. Citizen_Insane
    On the pod for this evening, definitely looking forward to it. Your mixes are always quality mate

    Necro-posting of my latest DnB mix hour long, nearly 6 months old now.

    Deep > Neuro > Tech > Tribal / Dubby
    Raiden, Morphy, Icicle, Amit... plenty of tracks from Ingredients, Samurai, Commercial Suicide, Voodoo Music

  3. Citizen_Insane
    Moar spam: http://soundcloud.com/citizen_insane...he-rabbit-hole

    copy + paste of the write-up I did for the mix:
    This mix is a trip back to the realm of mid 90's - mid 2000's Drum & Bass. Amongst these classics and gems that should not be forgotten, are behemoths still capable of causing havoc on the dancefloor. These elements have been carefully blended into an hour and a half journey, freefalling down into the deep, dark past. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole?
  4. tekki
    Why have I missed out on this...?
  5. Samuel Meeker
    Samuel Meeker
    What is the deal fellas? I come in peace with beats, and I hope y'all dig. But I am not averse to being told no,no,no. That was too much or not enough, criticism is respect, when done right. As this is the DNB spizot I hope we can keep real and help one another.
    Dark Jungle/ Jump-up/hard trap
    Hype/D'Cruze/Soul Slinger/Pish posh aka DJ Wally the stoned ranger/DJ ODI
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