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    Well, I've finished making my dj controller using 4 gamepads with 16 buttons and 2 analog sticks each. I use loopMIDI as the virtual MIDI port to use the signals from GlovePie as MIDI signals for Traktor Pro 2.

    I've tried all the scripts I could find on the net, but all of them only support one joystick at a time. So, I tried changing the variables, and few buttons of the 2nd and 4th gamepad/joystick, but not all work.

    So, I switched to fergo Joystick MIDI and got all 4 joysticks to work, but it supports only 12 buttons and 2 analogs each, which means I'm losing 4 buttons when the analog is turned on (the direction pad). GlovePie on the other hand, supports all the buttons and analogs, but I don't know the script for multiple joysticks.

    Someone, please help me! fbonito, EanGolden you're my inspiration for this project! But Please someone help me with the script in GlovePIE for multiple gamepads to be used at the same time with MIDI outputs.
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    Question, (I've searched and can't find any examples of this.)

    Have you ever hooked up two S4's or two S2's to one laptop in order to allow either 1 DJ to have dedicated controls across 4 decks (2 x S2) or two Dj's to spin VS on the same OS so that everything is perfectly synced and essentially acting as one? I've been thinking of this for myself but would like to know if it will work before I buy a second S4? Can you help?

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    can you please post the mapping for the akai MPD18 so i can use it with the latex version of traktor pro 2
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    Im so sorry to ask you in this message, its because i cant post a new thread.

    I really need help to map my midi fighter 3d.

    1.) This is a really stupid question, but how do i map "Shift" button into my midi fighter 3d from my TRAKTOR? the reason im asking this is because i want to move the "Shift" + "Sync" + "Cue Play" + "Play" button into my bottom row buttons on my midi fighter 3D. Because its more convenient for me.

    2.) Is it possible to assign the 1st page/bank on my midi fighter 3D to control ONLY the deck A and the 2nd page/bank to control ONLY the deck B on my TRAKTOR? If its possible, please teach me thoroughly how to do that?

    3.) Is it possible to combine a tsi. file that is available on DJTT into my own tsi. file? For example if im finished mapping my 1st page/bank for deck A ONLY and my 2nd page/bank for deck B ONLY on midi fighter 3D, is it possible to put the DeckGratMotion v2 into my 3rd page/bank??? If its possible, please teach me thoroughly how to do that?
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    I need help please. I have 2 cdj 800mk2, 1 kontrol x1, audio 10, traktor scratch pro 2 and ddm4000 mixer. What i want is for the cdjs to behave as normal (jogging, cueing) and the kontrol x1 to control effects, browse and in this case control 4 decks in scratch control mode (controlled by the 2 cdjs). I need help with mapping for the kontrol x1. Especially the deck selector part. Meaning 1 cdj controlling deck a/c and 1 cdj controlling deck b/d. Thanks. can you send me an email? wstrbrg@gmail.com
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    Hello ean, long time listener first time caller, Just curious as to if you guys have any maps for serato itch for the midi fighter setup i looked but didnt see any, thanks
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    Hey Mr. Golden,
    I was wondering when the new DJTT product was coming out. I really want to get it for Christmas since there isn't anything else I want.
    Thank you
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    hello ean,
    thank you for such a great site.listen,i am disabled ,had 2 strokes and lost the use of the right side of my body...i still dj,but mainly at home with tsp2.5 and a rc-300 pedal...anyway,my sample decks were working fine when i first downloaded the new version,now i barely hear them if at all,...any ideas?...thanks in advance man...again,i love your site and your articles are very well written.
    contact me at : calkutta@gmail.com thank you for everything man...truly,....
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    Ean is there a mapping to control the sample decks in traktor with the modi fighter classic, im using the omni for everything else.
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    Q i have a maschine mikro and i use it for al sort of things control ableton make some loops for mixing in traktor pro or sync it with my s2 for amazing sets so the midi mapping is going fine but still i cant figure out how to map it as a midifighter , i have seen some clips on youtube and read like a million of blogs and searched forum like silly but they only give me ansers about maschine and not the mikro so if you could help me.ps like your site and haircut if you ever come to belgium the land of music and so on let me now i'll give you a nice tour!!!!!!!!!!!
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