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    hey again. i'm wondering if you happen to know the midi command for mapping the 1 of 16 samples on a deck to a particular button? or the top four, if traktor allows this. i can get the top four samples to all play together, but not separately via four buttons
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    fyi, i found the red by changing the min's to 1 and the controller max to 1. it was already functioning properly in the original map in yellow
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    thats how i got the ones i've done so far. yeah i have a launchpad with multicolors, however i've seen a video of the mixtrack with the manual/in/out/loop buttons flashing yellow to red. maybe they're multicolor, however i tried a few different inputs which all came out yellow. at least i got them lighting up, thank you
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    ah ok i see. the white triangle at the bottom of the track is a little late. i can't figure out how to move it. edit: i figured this out

    to start assigning out LED maps, i'd like my sync cue play and stutter to be lit all the time for the time being. play and sync light when active, cue and stutter when pressed with my original map. should i wipe these out maps from my first map and map a new one like you suggested (what's the basic necessities of the out map to keep LED on, such as values?) i also looked for the beat count option in add out with no luck
    edit: i've got the loop buttons to turn yellow (i was used to my multi-color LEDs on another controller). going to try this with the other buttons as well
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    ok, so i'll likely be stuck with using the sync button much of the time it sounds like. lastly, some of the songs in my library consistently fail to sync correctly when pressing sync. they eventually slide out of time, or sync half a beat ahead/behind, so im pretty sure its the information of these particular tracks. i think the beatgrid is incorrect. do you know if this is not uncommon in traktor's analyze feature? i imagine i'll have to go in and edit the information of these tracks manually. (on one song, the white lines did not match the bass hits). was very frustrating when the track would slide out of time haha (the orange bar thing above the track label)
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    thanks a lot! i think i understood everything said except for the new map 'overwriting' my first one. if they conflict, i should delete the original loop button maps after i've made my new loop mapping or is just making a new map likely to solve my problem?

    the only other issue i am having is my pitch switch. on a buddy's S2, i was able to beat match with the slider and then nudging the platter. on the mixtrack, the slider is nowhere as sensitive as his. can i adjust this somewhere with a map or a setting in traktor, or is this a controller difference?
    thanks again your response was really helpful. maybe i'll give the "out" maps a shot with lighting up my In and Reloop buttons and flashing the Out button when loop is activated.
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    i downloaded a map a while ago for my mixtrack pro i just bought. i began editing it however I'm new to mapping. Here it is:
    The looping buttons currently have some things assigned to them but i'd like to make it similar to how they are were in Serato: 4 buttons, Manual, In, Out, Reloop.
    Manual would eventually be a switch between Autoloop and manual. For the time being I'd really just like to set up auto, with "In" and "Reloop" cutting the loop in half and doubling it respectably (along the length strip in traktor). "Out" would activate and deactivate the loop. The current map has this half right more or less, but I am considering deleting this part and starting over. Where to begin?
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    Hey, I saw a post of yours and you seem pretty knowledgable with controller mapping. would you mind trying to help me with a looping map i'm having trouble with?
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