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    So, I just got home from seeing RJD2 at the cats cradle in Carrboro NC. I saw him a few years ago and he was amazing. He really is very talented. Anyways... tonight he comes out with a welders mask on and a sampler taped around his waist, wearing a jumpsuit with "Commisioner Crotchbuttons" written on the back. He gets on the decks and does his thing. All is well, everybody's in to it. Then he does this guitar thing/ sing thing with his band. Ehhh... john legendish or I think that's who I'm thinking of. Oh well.. who am I to talk shit. Me and everyone else loved the turntable aspect of it. But just ehhh to the rest.

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    He's an artist... That we can be sure of.
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    RJD2's albums are awesome...
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    miyagi, i totally agree with you about RJD2. just out of curiosity, when you say "a few years back", are you talking about the show he did at cat's cradle where busdriver opened for him? i was at that show, mainly for busdriver, but i also dug some of RJD2's stuff that i heard (the horror ep is super dope).

    well, busdriver killed it, as always (topical at the time, but he freestyled about how 'of montreal' sold one of their songs to be used in an outback commercial, hilarious). rjd2 got up there and starts spinning. i started to notice he was just zooming through most of his hits, not really building them, just passing over them.. still sick.. then the music stops.

    10 minutes later, he's out on stage, holding a guitar, backed up by 3 dudes who, no offense, just looked like generic-ass hipsters... like they wandered in from a mcdonald's commercial or something... they played the most god awful, watered down indie nonsense... well, we left shortly after they started. come to find out, we weren't the only ones who hated his new 'medium'... pitchfork (whom i realize isn't the be-all, end-all judge of indie music, but understand that rjd2 was one of their golden boys) gave his "indie" album a 4/10. harsh, but deserved imo.

    he came through dc this past weekend and some of my friends were trying to get me to go, and they wouldn't believe me when i tried to warn them of the new direction he had taken. i got a lot of "you were right, that was awful"s come monday morning.

    props to him for doing his own thing, but damn... i'm pretty sure everyone misses the old rjd2.
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