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    Hi all.

    Just bought myself a beautiful MacBook Pro 15" 2.66 Ghz.

    I will be using it for Producing & running Traktor for playing out.

    I need a sound card. ill be using it at home for production and will be running moniters off it. and for playing out ill obviously need it aswell.

    What would be the best sound card for this. can the same soundcard be used for both?

    I dont want to spend to much on one but also dont want to be updating it in a couple of months.

    Thanks DJ Tech Tools


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    you need to determine the # of ins/outs you need and go from there, also if you are going to be using tracktor scratch timecode or not down the road.

    otherwise if you search for soundcard there are tons of threads with good info to get you started.

    good luck.

    I really like my firebox, but i also really like my sl1 box, depends on the need....
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