midifighter and ableton mapping
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    Default midifighter and ableton mapping

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to map the midifighter to abletons effects rack so the buttons are momentary(press = on and release = off)? when i use it with instruments it acts like that but as soon as I map it to a effects racks Knob it changes to toggle.
    any help guys?

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    do you want the effects rack knob to switch from 0 to 127?

    i haven't tried it but make sure when you do the midi learn that the midi control setting (tiny window in the bottom left side of the screen) is set to the proper setting.

    i don't have either in front of me currently and i haven't tried it out but I'll check it out when I get home. it should hopefully be doable without changing any of the settings on the Midi Fighter itself

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    Post ableton and midifighter

    Yes I would like to press a button on the midifighter to switch on the effect (turning the knob on the effects rack all the way up) then when I release switching it off again.

    I have thought of another way I would like to use it (when I've put knobs on my MF)
    1 knob on the effects rack is controlling Beat repeats grid + filter cut off on auto filter and maybe a delay (add the best parameter from each device to one knob on the effects rack) then map that to one knob on MF.

    Then map the on/off button or wet/dry knob to a button on the MF. each device gets a button. then I can engage device's by pressing one, two or three buttons to fiddling with the knob to increase or decrease the effect.

    for me this will be a good way to mash up my set whilst playing live but I still need it to be momentary on the buttons so I can engage the effect for as long as I want it then just release (I often forget to press the button again or miss hit it, then it messes up my flow).
    You could use the buttons as a cutting/stutter effect too.

    any help or tricks and tips on his matter would be great.

    cheers guys

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    There is sort of a convoluted way of doing this using "dummy clips". Check out this tutorial:


    Dummy clips are basically clips which don't play any audio. They are just clips of silence that manipulate effects settings via envelopes. You then route audio into the channel with all your dummy clips, and you can toggle between different effects settings on the fly. Using dummy clips you can get the momentary press behavior you're looking for by setting the launch mode on the dummy clips to "Toggle". Hope this helps.

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