VCI-100se Deck C Mode Loading a track
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    Default VCI-100se Deck C Mode Loading a track

    I'm currently using the vci-100 upgraded to the se with the 1.3se tks file. Just curious when you switch to Deck C mode should all Deck B controls now become Deck C controls? Because when I try to load a track to Deck C(using load Deck B) it just copys Deck A to Deck B. Is there a way around this as I would like to be able to load a track to Deck C from the vci?

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    This is a limitation of only 4 midi pages in Traktor.

    Osme things are overlapping and will not work in some modes.

    for instance,

    deck copy is on the Deck C midi page ( so deck load wont work)
    deck copy WONT work if other modes are engaged (only one mode per time)

    It frustrating but still miles better than other programs and this will not be an issue any more in future traktor releases.

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