Mapping DJM-800 to Traktor Pro
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    Default Mapping DJM-800 to Traktor Pro

    Hello DJTT

    I have a DJM 800, 2x CDJ 1000s and Traktor pro...

    So I want to use:
    Channel 1 & 2 - for my cdjs
    Channel 3 & 4 - Traktor Scratch Pro (use eqs for effects, and faderstart to trigger anything simple)

    how would i go on about setting this up I know i would connect my midi cable from the djm 800 to the audio 8's midi in... is there anything i need to do to the mixer to map?? or in traktor??


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    Default Me too

    I am interested in setting mine up the same way. Actually, I would like to find the tsi file already pre-mapped by someone smarter than myself! LOL! I have so far noticed that the DJM doesn't show up under the control panel in Traktor Scratch Pro, so I need to figure that out first. I do have the midi cable plugged in and button active on the mixer. I really just want to use certain features like scrolling and song loading as well as looping and effects triggers as I am already using a Denon DNS 3700 for scratching and playing songs. I also have an X1 controller...awesome btw! but I want to get my rig down to just the laptop, mixer and Denon deck for all live shows, nice and ez setup, ya know? I will continue to google online to see if I can find a tsi file from someone, unless we can get help on this forum, my first time here. I just recently went from CD to TSP and after 25 years of DJ'n, this is the best thing ever! NI is one of my fav companies now, every product they have in incredible! BTW, I do have a Numark OMNI controller that is awesome and comes pre-mapped for TSP for regular gigs, but I need the other setup for my mix shows.
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    the djm 800 wont appear under the midi list - if you have the djm connected to your soundcard then the soundcard midi input/output will be used instead. Or if you have a usb to midi device the name of the usb>midi device will be uses instead of the djm-800. Infact the DJM-800 will never show up as a DJM-800 to traktor no matter how you set things up.

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