eks otus vs vci100
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    Default eks otus vs vci100

    Hi guy's

    I've got the eks otus and love it. added an akai lpd8 for cue jumps and knobs mapped to effects.

    Just wondered if anybody has played on them both and if so which do you prefer the otus or vci100?
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    Two completely different instruments.

    The Otus suits me for straight mixing and hauling around town since it's so portable and place-able on top of other gear. Seriously, it's like "okay, plug in two cables, throw the controller on a turntable or CDJ (gently, of course), and start rocking".

    The VCI has an enormous MIDI ninja community behind it and is easily configurable for non-traditional dj-ing. Doesn't suit me since I'm no ninja.

    Take a look at the DJTT blog archives, man. There's enough information in there alone to help you make this call.

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    I'm buying the Otus Raw when it comes out, I did some extensive testing on the original Otus and loved the overall feel and function, but the platter had trouble detecting pressure (i.e: I'd lay my hand on it to stop the track, and it would momentarily halt the waveform, then it would keep going despite my hand still being on it). Also, the mouse pad is absolutely *horrible* for navigating within the OS, I'm hoping that thing makes a better X/Y effects parameter. It's almost as though the mouse pad can't properly detect diagonal movements, only up/down and left/right.

    Other than that, my other gripe is that the touch sensitive surfaces were too glossy. They should have given it a matte finish to give smoothly glide action when you use your finger on thing like the mouse pad or the pitch strip.

    Also, the LED ring around the platter really should be pre-programmed in the TSI to revolve around the platter when the waveform is playing, not just a static marker which moves when you do anything to the platter.

    As per the VCI-100, it's something I could totally see myself using at home, but the overall lack of features for manual DJ work (i.e: pitch fader limitations, pitch resolution, 127 step MIDI platter, etc) would prevent me from using it in any real environment. Feature wise, it's very superb, and rich with options and intuitive usage which I haven't seen in any other controller.

    They both are even in my books

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