Midifighter Sanwa Arcade Buttons*
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    Default Midifighter Sanwa Arcade Buttons*

    I am currently looking to purchase the Midifighter.
    However, the colour of Sanwa buttons I am looking to purchase (Fuschia and Green) are both sold out.

    Does anyone know when they are going to be back in stock, and if not, perhaps an alternate source where I can purchase these buttons?

    I've already tried arcadespareparts.com, but they are located in Hong Kong, and shipping time (and costs) are too brutal.

    Any help in this direction would be greatly appreciated.


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    Different button shapes for modding, (triangles!) and other parts. (Found a trackball that uses +5v just like on the pcb... )
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    I want to jump on this wagon, its been almost a month and still no color knobs or sanwa switches, adn no updates for us. pelase someone from DJTT let us know what's up.

    Items that seem to be affected by lack of communication:
    sanwa switches
    color knobs
    DIY arcade kits

    thanks y'all

    in teh mean time, while i wait for my SE to get here, i guess i can pick up a midi fighter, if you guys ever get teh buttons in so that i can fill it.

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