Love: Club X-It Hollywood Florida - Keepin the scene alive !!
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    Default Love: Club X-It Hollywood Florida - Keepin the scene alive !!

    This was our party from Saturday night.. Had 600 plus people there. I'm the last one in the video DJ'ing .. I tore it and busted it uuuuuuuuuup!!!! I have my set reocorded and uploaded on Soundcloud too.. Second one is from a cellphone, so sound quality is crap - but U get the vibe.. I killed it !! =D
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    I didn't even know there were clubs there in Hollywood, FL... now I do. I live in Fort Lauderdale but I am rarely home on the weekends, as I travel a lot. My girl likes to drag me to go walk the boardwalk there in Hollywood...
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    Niiice, I actually live in Davie - that club is right off Hollywoood Blvd.

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    Here's the set, available for download too

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