WHy are all the good song
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    Default WHy are all the good song

    Why are all the good songs territory restricted what are we to do .Why does Europe get all the good music . We need more places to get good tunes here in the US anyone have any suggestions ,I tried it all .

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    I believe there is an article on the main page that goes in depth on how to get around these restrictions by using various proxies.

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    The link to the work around for this (for beatport anyway) is in the FAQ


    More people should read it, it doesnt get nearly enough hits for how many people come through the forum and actually how good the FAQ is. I think alot of people get the opinion it has a lot of noob info that they already know, when infact its packed full of useful information from new people through to advanced power users.

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    if it's really that good, and i can't get it on *any* of the various online shops, i'll just pick it up straight from the record company if possible.
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