Ok. So I have my midifighter mapped with the bottom 8 for cue points then the next 4 for effects on/off and the top 3 for more on/offs. The top left button switches between deck A and B via a modifier. I didn't want to use deck focus because then I would have to cycle through C and D to get back to A. Ok... So this is my question. I have the top left button mapped so that the LED comes on when I'm on deck B. I also have 2 other leds that come on when I turn on beatmasher and beatslicer. So if I'm deck A, turn on the slicer, the light comes on. But then when I switch to deck B the light stays on, even though the slicer on B is off. So I need to know how to map the LEDs so that they reflect the true state of each deck.
I really hope this makes sense.