VCI 100 and cd deck setup
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    Default VCI 100 and cd deck setup

    I am gonna ask another dumm question .I want to hook up my cd decks and mixer , with my vci 100 and traktor scratch pro .Now I wire like im hooking up cd decksand mixer ,and in setup i click on midi device , then when it comes to time code to i click cd or is there another way any help thanks guys ,but im still new to this and Have been reading the boock and blogs and can not seem to find any thing .The only thing i fond was pictures of your set ups so I know itcan be done again thanks

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    im assuming you have some kind of traktor certified audio interface right? (audio 4, audio 8, korg zero...etc). if so, then it should be no harder than hooking up your normal time-code set up and plugging your vci into your computer. load a tsi, or make your own, and you should be good to go.

    if you want to be able to use traktor and draw audio from the cd player then you would hook up your system the same way only designating one of your channels to audio through.

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