Hi guys,

Having worked with vinyl for a few years and then having a couple of years off, I am currently getting back into my mixing. I have had Traktor for a few months using a BCD3000 but I have outgrown it now! (It is a bit of toy really).
For my new set-up (on a budget) I am looking at getting an Audio 2 DJ, an X1 controller and a basic mixer with midi capabilities (ie I only need it to control Traktors channel faders, cross-fader and eq). I think this will be a nice introduction to controllerism for me. What would you recommend as a decent mixer? (budget $200 to $300) Having had a pioneer mixer and 1210's a few years ago I really am not a fan of the plasticky cheap faders and knobs on the BCD3000!

Thanks for your help. By the way, this site is excellent and has inspired to move on from A to B fades!

p.s. does anybody know of any decent techno/progressive nights in the Boston area?