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    Hello i was just wondering whether i should do mu upgrade by getting the boxed version or direct download. If i do the download am i able to put it on multiple pc's? thanks for the help
    VCI 100, Akia mpd16, oxygen 8 v1 Dell LAt., traktor

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    Download is easy and convenient . You can have Traktor on 2 machines at one time.

    The good bit:
    The only thing you miss out on if you do the download is the box and some stickers and a paper manual. You get all the installers/drivers/manual pdfs and you can be up and running in minutes (sometimes hours depending on the time and the servers).

    The nasty bit:
    The NI server makes a record of how many installs you make so they can tell if you install on more than two and have the right to deactivate your software if you do.


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    thanks man
    VCI 100, Akia mpd16, oxygen 8 v1 Dell LAt., traktor

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