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    Default performing live with live

    I have asked this question in response to the recent blog video on Edison. What I wonder is how guys like Edison change their setup during a life performance. It seems like changing a Live project while performing is too big an interruption. Also I am not sure if MIDI assignments are stored in projects anyways. So are Live performers essentially "stuck" with one setup for the entire performance?

    Somewhat unrelated I am also wondering how to best export a project so that all sounds, vst's etc are exported along the way in order to be able to move a project from the studio machine to the performance machine. I guess Ableton once planned to provide some community solution for this, but this seems to have fizzled away?
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    Edison uses a sampler (on the KP3, I think) to grab a loop and play that while he's loading the new set.
    In Live, you can do a "collect all on export", which should gather all relevant files into one location for porting.
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