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    Default Removing the Buttons

    Hey all,

    Hate to sound like a complete idiot, and I recall this being briefly posted but could not find the detailed thread for the life of me.

    I wish to take apart my midi fighter, which isn't a problem, minus the sanwa buttons.

    I want to know I am doing it right prior to removing them as I don't want to damage the midi fighter.

    I found this is in another post:

    "Look in this group for a post on removing the buttons from the top plate - if you're forcing anything you're doing it wrong, they should easily pop out with finger pressure when you get the side clips properly disengaged. "

    I know how to pull them out of the acrylic plastic itself, but I'm confused as to how I would go about detaching them from the actual PCB. They seem to be clipped in quite tightly

    Anyone care to help a newbie out?

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    unscrew the top screws and gently lift the faceplate up.. it's pretty easy..
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    Yes. Just don't force them out. MF is sweet but delicate.
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    Thanks so much for this not exactly obvious tip - really saved me from pulling out each button!

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