First club gig the other night
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    Default First club gig the other night

    I've been djing as a hobby off and on for a few years, did some house parties and all that but nothing big. Thursday night I played at a club with about 300+ people. I used my trigger finger, a korg nanokey and an arcade stick running midi with a program called Rejoice.

    It was a tough experience to say the least. The crowd sucked, they wanted to hear nothing outside of the same stuff they were used to. For example this is what I was playing:

    I actually had to stop playing that waka flocka song because there was going to be a fight haha.

    In addition to that, they had some local performers throughout the night, which killed any buzz I had going every time. One of them gave me a usb stick with a bad mp3 file that started buzzing while it was playing....... made me look pretty bad.

    but outside of that it was a cool experience. I usually play hip-hop/top 40ish stuff, but this was almost all pretty hardcore rap. But I guess you gotta play what the crowd wants to hear. It was dope to drop a track and have the entire crowd go nuts.

    I really need to step my equipment up. For some reason some of my songs in playlists would randomly give me an error and refuse to play. I had to go to itunes and drag the mp3 back into traktor and then it would work, any idea what's causing them to go corrupt in traktor?

    And does anyone have any experience with CDJ-400s? I'm thinking about getting some to have HID control in traktor, but still have the ability to play cds and all that.

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    We all have had bad nights don't worry. I would recommend going to the club a week before you are going just to get a feel etc.

    In regards to your traktor problem, possibly the file location for the songs that weren't working has changed or maybe you used mixed in key or other package that may change the actual file name of the track, not just the id3 tag (if you have that option turned on). Just a thought, without actually seeing your setup or know what you use it is pretty hard to tell.


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