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    Default Selling my music

    Before I say anything else, let me say one thing: Yes I read the FAQ, and yes I read the DJTT article about this.

    (The following three-letter word should be read as though Bill Cosby were saying it): NOW, I checked out the various options that the article suggests, and then I decided to do a little Google-ing and read some other articles and came up with the retailer CD Baby. They only take 9 cents per sale and charge a one-time $35 set up fee to use the services. And you get to keep the rights to your music. And it gets listed in iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Napster, and others.

    Anyone have any experience with this service?
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    I know michael o hagan (I believe that is the name uses them and is on here)
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    man i say starting out..just get a good cd label printer and a 4/8 slot burner and just put them up on ebay/amazon yourself. eliminate the middleman / /
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