how does david tort do his remixes?
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    Default how does david tort do his remixes?

    what do you need to make remixes?

    programs, i'm sure?

    do you need any equipment to do it?

    the way david tort just sits at home(studio) and make his remixes, can he have the ability to make the same remix live at a club while spinning?

    or would it be harder, because you would need programs and such things/tools that you can't rly use or it would be too complex to use while your spinning live

    ??how does it all work

    (my goal here would be to take favorite piece of vocal sounds or tracks i like and then add the tech house and or progressive or even minimal flavor to it in that track.) and if i can learn how to throw a minimal tech flavor, tech house flavor or progressive house flavor. then i would feel like the happiest person alive.
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    It's all about personal preference on how you want to do it and how you want it to sound. You could mix 4 decks, say one with bassline, one with some drums, one with some leads or ya know, prepare tracks of your own that are combined basslines, drums then other leads with cue points, etc, etc. Or you can utilize live AND Traktor synced with a MIDI clock on two separate computers with your controllers mapped to live and your tables and mixer runnin on the other with traktor, like I do... It's all in your head... draw it out, write it down, set it up, tweak it, relearn everything, then make everyone crap themselves while you fly over your what-seems-to-be-as-complicated-as-cockpit controls and create music to the likes of which has never been heard! There are endless ways to do it, just find one that works for you!! :-) PRACTICE PRACTICE
    When we all make music, the God Spirit travels out of our bodies and we become one with each other. And for just a second, there is no war, greed, or hate in the world, just music, the celebration of life. (and usually a party, which is good too!)

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