I'm In Vci Heaven! Ean And The Gang Thank You So Much!
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    Default I'm In Vci Heaven! Ean And The Gang Thank You So Much!

    I have just used my vci-100se after updgrading it to the new firmware and it freakin rocks!!! For the first time since I bought this thing six months ago I can actually use the jog wheels properly. There is no words to describe my happiness. I just ordered the overlay and when that comes I just might spontaneously combust from pure joy.

    I just want to thank Ean, and all who contributed on this forum for making my upgrade a flawless and complete success. I read all the posts and every bit of information I could before I started and didn't have a single hangup.

    Seriously Ean, you rock!

    I will be recommending djtechtools and this forum to everyone I know!

    Happily mixing,

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    Thats how I felt when I got my hands last week on the VCI-100 SE. I was speechless...
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