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    So after reading mutiple threads about how important ear safety is for Dj's I decided to get some Enytomic Hi-Fideltyl earplug. And I must say wow they are incredible my ears always feel less fatiqued when i come home and mix, but then I started to think is my monitoring to loud?. So here's my question for you all. and Bare in mind Im a bedroom dj so I'm not competeing with any outside noise. I have my headphones on constantly for queing and just listining to the master. My laptop has a built in 2 channel Card thats 192k so I use it for cueing and for my sound system. I have both channels on the card inside Windows OS set at 50% then in traktor I have my master at 0 DB my broadcast at 0 DB and my Monitor volume at +3 DB. I was just woundring is that a safe level for monitoring. Bare in mind I often practice for 4+ hrs everyday 2 at the very least. If this is not a good setup on volume what would be for keeping my ears safe and happy?

    Thanks for the help guys I really appreciate it.
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    If you have to raise your voice to talk to somebody over it, then turn it down a little.

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