Filter-Configuration in Traktor 3
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    Default Filter-Configuration in Traktor 3


    I'm trying to find out, which way the Filter on the VCI100SE is configured in MIDI Settings of Traktor. There is a Lowpass-Filter by turning the Knob to the left and a Highpass-Filter by turning it to the right.

    Is it correct, that the Filter:T2 is controlled that way? To get both Filters on one Knob, at least two "Software-Knobs" of the Filter are turned, right? I've tried to configure it the same way on my Ecler Nuo 4, but I didn't get the same result. Which way can make a LPF on the left, no Filter in the middle and HPF on the right? It's very tricky... I also read the TKS files of the VCI100, but I did not find it out without knowlegde about the knobs and their signals

    greets from Germany

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    sorry to say but its only possible with our firmware or through a midi translator. That was a special feature we designed and is not possible in traktor natively.

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