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    alrightyy got a question about remixing songs. I understand you can upload vocals in wav files and add them right to your track but what about editing an already produced song. Tons of hot remixes come out everyday on beatport but i dont understand how there made....what if your running reason while the song was made on logic for instance. how do complete song be transfered ?
    also any tips for remixing older pop songs into more progressive dancefloor jams!!!
    thanks for reading and responding!

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    they bounce an audio stem (known as stems) for each instrument, or for each part, ex. one for the drums, one for vocals, one for bassline, one for other instruments. Then they send these and let them have at em. Most producers will chuck the parts they don't care for and re do them as they see them. DJTT has a good article on making bootlegs if you don't have the stems or can't get them, search on the blog.
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