Regular gig in the Calgary Area
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    Default Regular gig in the Calgary Area

    A friend of mine has a club in Okotoks south of Calgary, and is looking for a new DJ. We are trying to find somebody who wants to work Friday and Saturday nights. Music policy is Top 40, House, and Hip Hop. You can get a little left of centre, I squeeze in a little Dupstep or D&B from time to time. I know for most of you it's sacrelege but requests are required.

    The current regular is an 80's DJ who doesn't want to play anything new, doesn't even own his own headphones.

    I live about a hundred miles south in Lethbridge, and can't get up there every weekend, otherwise I would do it.

    If anyone is interested PM me for more information.
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    Sucks that this has to come up just now :/. I've lived near Calgary for the last 6 months, and i'm leaving for NY on Thursday :/.

    Would've gladly done it if you would've come up with this a few months earlier!

    Good luck on your search.

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    Shitty, I was in Brooks for awhile and that would of been an easy drive.
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