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    Glen McArdle

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    I did not want to post this here, but I cant seem to post in the General discussion section..?

    Now I don't want to nag, but I wan to share how deeply dissapointed I am in the Crane stand company. I live in the Netherlands.

    4 months ago I orderd 2 of their Crane laptopstands after watching the review here. I had orderd them directly of their website. The payment went through ok and then I waited. First I got a notification that there was some delay in my order. A couple of weeks past and then I got a notification that I the new (stealthy looking) Crane stand were in and that I would get 2 of those sent to me. Shortly after an confirmation that my order had been sent. ok.

    So I waited another couple of weeks.. no Crane stands. I contacted Garret from the company and asked him what was happening because I still havent recived my stands. Strange.. he said.. we allready sent them weeks ago... let me find out for you what happend. 2 more weeks past before he got back to me (because I mailed him for any news). After that he told me that the guys from UPSP screwed them over... something went wrong with the shipment. After a week he promised me to send me 2 new stands.

    I waited 4 weeks.. still no stands. When I asked him if he had sent the stands he confirmed that he did, but was reluctant to provide me with any kind of tracking number so I could see what was going on (there was no tracking number the first time either).

    It has now been 4 moths and about 30 e-mails from me later. I replied that I would just like my 318 dollars back now. He told me that I could ask for my money back as soon as I have my Crane stands in. Really????

    I told him that by the looks of it my Crane stands are never coming in and I can kiss my money goodbye.

    I am deeply dissapointed about the way this has been handeld. I lost 18 dollars and have no product. They just ignore my mail now. i did not expect such unwillingness and bad servise from a company with a good reputation like theirs.

    If I knew all this I wpould have just orderd them here at DJTT. I still want my money back, but I donīt know what to do anymore.

    Did anyone ever have this with the Crane company (or any other for that matter) and what did (could) you do about it.

    Once again. I donīt mean to nag, but I find this unacceptable.

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    Thanks for sharing, i hope everything goes well for you...

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    By the mod powers invested in me, I move this thread.

    Damn dude, did not know you were still struggling with this one? :eek:
    F-ing bad for the scene, these kind of buggers!
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    Damn, I had a similar thing happen to me with a snowboard I ordered off line, I just contacted the better business bureau and they contacted the company for me...I don't know if you have a government agency like that over there...good luck man

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    can you not call them instead of emailing?
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    That sucks. Shoot an email to and we will get this sorted out for you. Crane is a tiny company (2 people) and they dont really have the experience or recourses for international orders. in fact I think they are now referring people to us for international orders.

    We will make sure you get your money back and have a stand shipped from techtools if thats what it takes. We have them in stock and send several to europe each day.

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    Glen McArdle


    Thanks Ean,

    I appreciate that very much!

    I will send that mail ASAP.

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