Switching from Traktor to Serato
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    Default Switching from Traktor to Serato

    Hey Y'all...

    Because of 3 of 5 my resident club are switching from cd to digital (Serato) and i'm using Traktor at the moment.

    I'm think of going over to Serato istead of Traktor, because it will be eaiser to setup at the clubs.

    But all my mp3 are analyzed in Traktor, so now i'm thinking that I will start to analyze my mp3s i both Traktor and Serato, so when i'm switching to Serato, it won't be a big step back...

    But know i'm wondering if Serato & Traktor tags will create problems each other?

    Sorry for my poor english...

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    I have traktor and my frend has itch so when i take my music round to his to spin it analyses my traktor analysed tunes with no prob with playback. I think i was reading somewhere that itch writes its stuff to a different placein tag that traktor does but i could be wrong.

    I'd stick with traktor though but thats just my personal preferance.

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    Both Serato and Traktor write their own proprietary Tags that only those programs can read/write aside from standard Tags.

    You wont have any issues dude.

    Oh and your English is better than mine and i am English !!!!!!!!


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