How to get update 1.2
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    Default How to get update 1.2

    Hey Guys

    I did some research and discovered my new vci-100 version doesnt have the 1.2 update (i dont have the green 1.2 sticker and nothing changes if i hold down the 2 sync buttons....) If I want this upgrade should this be done the same way as firmware 1.3.? And is it maybe better to skip 1.2 and get 1.3 right away?



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    The 1.3 firmware also contains the 1.2 firmware - so you can power the unit on in 1.2 firmware mode. This is explained in the second video of the VCI-100 EG SE walkthough videos.

    Ean explains how to do this in the second video at about 3min 10 seconds onwards.

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