Really hoping someone can help with this. I going away next week. Taking my DJ gear with me. Having massive problems finding insurance. Every company has an individual item limit of 300 (if you are lucky!... most are 150-200). I got my macbook worth around 650, traktor scratch pro (how ever much that's worth right now, say 400), a few other bits, slr camera, ipod etc.
In all I got around 1500 worth of gear I want to take away with me but I can't find anywhere that'll pay more than 300 max per item. If my laptop gets broken or nicked I'd be seriously fucked off if all I could claim was 300 with a 70 excess. I can find laptop insurance alone but I also want holiday insurance as a bundle and the rest of my shit covered. There's one main company that comes up when you type 'DJ insurance' into google and they don't answer their phones when I try to call them, so fuck that if I need to make a claim!

SO, anyone had any experience in this field? I did search but to no avail.