Quick question about Soundcard...
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    Default Quick question about Soundcard...

    I am thinking of getting the Echo Audiofire 4. I am new to all this so hopefully someone can tell me how this would work. I would like to be able to have my ipod connected to the soundcard so that if the computer crashes, I can go right into playing from that. Is this possible with the Audiofire 4? Is it possible with another sound card under $400 or so if I can't do it with AF4?
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    yea it is possible to have the ipod connected to the soundcard in case the laptop crashes. the only thing you would need is a power adapter on the soundcard as well as the firewire connection.

    if the computer crashes and you shut it down, there will be no power to the soundcard since it is bus powered via firewire, so it could only work if you have the second power source to power up the soundcard.

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